Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Remix Rehash:Max Justus + Kissy Sell Out + Downtown Harvest

I'm long over due for a Remix Rehash but its been slow on the receiving end for quality material. However, there has been a but of really enjoyable electro music to be had so this remix rehash is more electro than remix but, regardless, I hope you enjoy! 

Apple Jelly - Kissy Sell Out
This track is pure fun. Kissy brings out play in its full glory. Building from a base that is strictly 80's sitcom montage score he pops it up with catchy lyrics and some tech-tastic loops. What really got me though, was the fact that his still manages to tell a story (with sound effects and all). Kind of makes me wish Perfect Strangers were still on TV cause this would be an excellent candidate for soundtrack.

Ctrl Alt Dance (Coulson's Cheap Arcade Remix)- Max Justus
Seriously addicted to this song. It's clean. It's rooted in video game music tradition. It has inspired a few dance parties of one while on the streets of Philly. There is even a bit of funky rush tucked in there. Don't over think it. Just sit back and let the music do its thing. 

Killer Queen Bee - Downtown Harvest
These guys are outta Philly and, quite simply, you should be listening to them. They combines all of my factors from the previous two bits. Video game sample? Check. Montage quality? Check. Gets hips a shakin? Check. Tidy loops? Check.Funk factor? Yup. Unusual? You know it. I'm gonna make an effort to see what they have to offer live but this should satiate me until then.

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