Friday, November 6, 2009

Remix Rehash: Duossuedo + Burns + Alan Wilkis


Bertie Blackman's song Thump is originally intended to accompany a late night walk; and, indeed, it does tunes you into that sense of organic rhythm. The Duosseudo kids push it to a more fevered pace while maintaining its smooth soulfulness. Its a perfect iPod night cap jam.
Thump (Bertie Blackman) - Duosseudo Remix


Canadian DJ Burns is at his foot movin hip groovin best with this track. Its the kind of tune you can have on in the background and dip in and out of your chair dance as your attention span sees fit. I recently did a all night drive and this was a staple on that soundtrack. Burns is out on tour with DeadMau5 including a stop in Philadelphia on November 22.
Burns- FrankMusik - 3 Little Words (Burns Back to 96 remix)

Alan Wilkis

This one straight up rocks. Wilkis knows how to give a track a real spit & shine freshness. His treatment of this Shwayze bit even inspires a little thrash rock out. This is must for your gym mix. It gets your pulse up and your energy pumping. His Pink and Purple is also worth your exploration.
Get You Home (Shwayze)- Alan Wilkis Remix

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nice bertie backman mix