Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road Trip Mix

I took some time at the beginning of the month to embrace one of those quintessential American past times, the road trip. I had to get back to the Twin Cities for a family reunion and thanks to a absurdly wired car I was able to work from the road. My partner in crime and I mapped out a meandering route hitting up friends and family along the way.

Of course there was excellent music along the way. On the way out PIC and I did a little exchange of what we both considered "essential" music. We would take turns playing albums and sharing all our knowledge about each of them. I shared Allman Brothers, Derek & The Dominoes, Buddy Holly, Marc Cohen etc while he shared Foo Fighters, Hum, Dismemberment Plan and so on.

Music popped up other places as well. We spent the 4th in a Chautauqua community in Lakeside OH where the all-American children sang patriotic songs. At the Metrodome where I saw my final Twins game in that deplorable arena (and they lost to the Yankees of course). And the night around the fire at my family reunion when my cousins and I sang the entirety of Gin & Juice (the Gourds version) and most of the Drive By Trucker's song book.

On the whole it was a pretty spectacular trip so I thought I'd share a little mix tape with you of a few of the better tracks that made their way through our speakers.

Gin & Juice - The Gourds
Just (Radiohead) - Nickle Creek
Bell Bottom Blues - Derek & The Dominoes
Silver Thunderbird - Marc Cohen
Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp
Locked Out - Crowded House
Twilight (The Band) - The Jones Street Boys
Everlong (Foo Fighters) - Wakey!Wakey!
Heavens To Purgatory - Most Serene Republic

Enjoy the whole soundtrack

Monday, July 27, 2009

Remix Rehash: Its A Mess + But It All Has Beats!

It turns out when you take two days off to be sick everything ferments and grows this mold of immediacy. Its true in work, social and blog. You just gotta spend the time deciding whether its the good kind of mold (ie penicillin or bleu cheese) or the tossable kind (um, you know it). I am still waist deep in these determinations so I can't provide you the full analysis of these except to say they were the one's that jumped straight from "inbox" to "yes please" surpassing "maybe for a slow week" and "if it fits." Enjoy!

Remedy (Little Boots) - Buffetlibre vs Sidechains remix
The Woods (Cartridge) - Buffetlibre
Who's There (Riton & Primary 1)- IAMXL remix
Let The Bodies Hit Thunder -
Crookers vs. DJ Sega (DJ HLM More Bass Edit)
Treat Me Like Your Mother (The Dead Weather) - Diplo Remix
We Are Golden (Mika) - Don Diablo Remix
Disco Disco Disco - Don Diablo

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So sorry that I haven't been posting this week. I have been rather ill and finding the energy to pull it together to function let alone blog has been rough. But I finally got the meds I needed and will be back in full force by Monday with three awesome new post in the making. But since I never like you to leave here empty handed enjoy this video of a wedding that took place in St. Paul. I actually heard about this from friends when I was back there a few weeks ago and got a good laugh when it went viral. I can't imagine a better way to dance yourself into your marriage.

And to inspire your own spectacular dance ideas Philly's own DJ Shawn Ryan recently sent me this excellent summer mix Superprince II. Its packed with awesomeness so download it now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dinosaur Feathers + River City Extension @ The M Room

The World In A Paper Cup and Bag Of Songs co hosted a night of new music last Sunday at The M Room. I brought in Dinosaur Feathers for their Philly debut and BOS invited River City Extension over from Toms River NJ. It was the end of a long weekend for all involved but that didn't stop either band from putting on a truly entertaining show.

The Dinosaur Feathers kicked off the evening. Playing a mix of old and new, even some in the works, material they made themselves right at home. The acoustics in the room where spot on for their lo-fi but delectable harmonies and jangly guitars. One of the best parts about seeing DF live is their stage presence. You have a feeling you're sitting in on a bunch of friends (albeit crazily talented friends) laid back band practice. The fun they have creating their music is evident. Whether lead singer Greg is shaking it or the whole trio --Derek (on keys) and Tom (on bass) -- are giving eachother shit between songs it sets perfect mood for their brash pop sound.

If you aren't already familiar with Dinosaur Feathers getter done and be sure to see them live. Their easy stage presence belies the intense amount of skill and vocal awareness that brings their harmonies to life. Its becoming more acceptable to have less then tailored vocals leading an indie band. In most situations it becomes an instrument enveloped by the rest of the band to the groups benefits. All three vocalists in DF have excellent voices and they combine to build incredible and unexpected harmonies, in particularly for an all male trio. They flexed this muscle on History Lessons and Sleeping In on Sunday and it was flawless. On their newer stuff they maintain the strong vocals and start tinkering with punk and alt. rock guitar riffs. Their set was a fantastic cross section of where they're at now and where they are headed. They begin recording next month and hope to release an LP this winter. But do yer best to see them live so you can add them to your list of "I knew them before they were big."

River City Extension, a seven member outfit from Tom's River NJ were supposed to follow however, after opening for Cake Saturday night in Baltimore only their lead singer Joe could muster up the energy to perform. I truly had no idea what to expect but was thoroughly blown away by what I witnessed. This was a v. intimate performance, just a man his guitar and a few folks dedicated enough to stay out late on a work night, but he put his all into his 45 minute set.
RCE is an alt country band and Joe, I gathered, is its driving soul. He has a beautiful voice (a perfect compliment to DF opening set) and true knack for crafting lyrics. He has a rasp about his voice that suggest he cut his teeth belting out Springsteen tunes before introducing a little bit of a raw southern country influence. I took a stab at capturing his solo set with my iPhone and surprisingly got some good material. There were moments when I got the chills watching Joe go to town, caught in the moment, busting guitar strings just to entertain the small but enthralled audience. I couldn't have imagined a better way to cap off the night. Next up for me is to catch the entire RCE crew at one of the many shows they have lined up over the next few months. I suggest you do the same.

Teenage Whore - Dinosaur Feathers
Friends & Family (live) - Joe (River City Extension)
Bone Marrow Twist & Shout (live) - Joe (River City Extension)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New To Know : Floating Action • Mama Bear • Drug Rug

Here is the second edition of New To Know where I point you in the direction of some newish bands that I've been digging lately. Get your shovel ready cause you're about to join me
Floating Action - Silver Lining
This group of fellas just floated (I couldn't resist) a new bunch of covers out in the indie music ether. They touch on Pepi Ginsberg, Beck, Little Joy and this simple take on Rilo Kiley's Silver Lining. For some reason it just keeps getting caught in my head. Their take on M Ward's Absolute Beginners is another fav. They are on Park The Van's label and incidentally Park The Van is in need of your support. They are asking people to purchase something from their online store to get them through them tough times. Floating Action"s Versions would be a good place for you to throw your cash towards this good cause.

Mama Bear - You Make Me Feel Like Hips
This is one of those groups that is just simply really really good. The first time I heard You Make Me Feel Like Hips I was sucked in to the Brooklyn twang (a varietal notably different from the true southern variety but no less enjoyable and distinct) and simple adoring lyrics. After chasing them down and hearing a bit more I'm pleased to report its all this good. I'm hoping to lure them down to Philly this fall so, as always, keep checking the concert listings. (sketch by Mike Applebaum)

Drug Rug - Never Tell
These two have a corner on 70's-ish feel good pop vibe. Without getting too lovey dovey about it they are making tunes you can sing along to as well as. Hannah Please (which I like for more reasons than my sister's name is Hannah) has an interesting distortion effect on the vocals that softens what would otherwise be a shouty punkish track making it fit in to the rest of synthy experimental album. They will be in Philly at Kung Fu Necktie on August 15th and their album drops on July 28th.

The Chop - It's Never Enough
I can't really put my finger on what it is I like about The Chop. The vocals, curious instrumentals and loops are, of course, notable and successfully set them apart from the masses. But, usually that's not enough to get more than two listens out of me. Mehbee its their overall playfulness, appreciable quirk factor and the potential to be great live that keeps me interested. You give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Remix Rehash : Seiji+Backyard Bangers+Toddla T+Don Diablo+ Death To The Throne

Fight Test (Flaming Lips)- Backyard Bangers Remix
Flaming Lips announced another concert at Festival Pier in August with Explosions In The Sky opening. Its going to be one trippy and spectacular show no doubt. So I thought this, besides being a solidly awesome ditty, was appropriate for this week's rehash.

Honey (Erykah Badu)- Seiji Remix
This is a sexy little remix to kick of this week's Remix Rehash. I put out a call for some unique tracks and this came to my attention via CubikMusik. I have always liked this EB drop and this new funkier version is more than welcome especially cause it is oh so good. Seiji really taps into the soul edge with a 80's flavored electro vibe.

One Pure Thought (Hot Chip) - Toddla T Remix
Hot Chip remixes are a dime a dozen and I will admit I receive them with a hint of skepticism. This one though has the right touch of dance hall to create a whole new sound without challenging the purity (heh heh see what I did there) of the original track.

Prom Night (Linus Loves) - Don Diablo Remix
Mister Diablo has been rightfully busy with remixing in memorium of MJ but still threw this out for mass consumption. Its chill (for DD) but builds towards a pretty awesome end. Good for cruising now that is would appear that summer has decided to arrive.

Little Bit (Lykke Li)- Death To The Throne Remix

So, I often get bland PR emails with demos and remixes. But this gem dropped into my in-box last week and totally made my day. It just so happened that the song was equally sweet. For your reading and listening pleasure [that's right dawls a twofer] from the tips of his witty fingers I give you the original email
"waddup? here's something new that i made. it's a "re-remix" of the lykke li song "little bit", not to be confused with the other little bit remix I've made. and now your wondering "another lykke li remix?" and then i reply in my angry samuel l. jackson voice "HEY, YOU TELL THE HOT GIRL THAT WORKS AT URBAN OUTFITTERS TO STOP LISTENING TO HER!! SHIT!!!!!!" ..i'm gonna go smoke a cigarette now....enjoy"

Monday, July 6, 2009

New To Know: One For The Team • Ida Maria • Swimming In Speakers • Chris Garneau

I have been on a new music spree lately. I don't know if its a matter of me really digging through all the emails to find the gems or simply pursuing some of the tidbits that cross my path whether it be via Twitter, myspace or suggestion I'm always ALWAYS interested in new music. There's a lot of new stuff I want to share but I'm going to break it down for you in a few installments in hopes of making this a regular feature.
One For The Team - First, a band the hails from my hometown of Minneapolis, One For The Team is a quartet that has done a very nice job for itself grabbing the attention of MTV producers (they popped up on an episode on Real World: Brooklyn) and regular audiences alike. After giving their new album, Build A Garden, a listen its easy to see why. The vocals, provided by Ian and Grace are in sync enough to sit well in your ear but distinct enough to lay well on top of the indie pop instrumentals. Give them a hear they may just be your new favorite band.
Best Supporting Actress

Ida Maria -

I got the absolute fucking pleasure to see Ida live at Bell House in New York a few weeks ago and felt my heart go pah pitter. I had heard, and very much liked, her sassy punky tunes prior to the show but watching her perform the layer of vulnerability and realness behind such songs as Oh My God and Keep Me Warm became far more apparent. Shes ballsy brash and in your face. Her lyrics are simple and manage to cut straight to the heart of some sentiments I have often felt myself. Ahem, "you think I'm in control?" Get her stuff. ALL OF IT. And when she's near see her. I'm uber giddy to catch her at Monolith this fall. Here is a bit of the actual performance I caught.

Ida Maria "Oh My God" Live at the Bellhouse NYC from AbzPunkPhoto on Vimeo.

Swimming In Speakers - Swimming In Speakers first EP is the product of a home recording project by two friend's in up state New York. The result has a little indie softness countered by a bit o' pop synth with a whole lot of potential. The beautiful harmonies are lulling but literally just a hint off the beat so you are pulled along through the tightly woven tracks.
In Knowing

Chris Garneau -
Personally, I'm a generally more of a ninja girl so when I read the title of Chris Garneau's single No More Pirates I couldn't resist. I happily categorize this as a song that lives up to its awesome title. The rest of the material on his new release, El Radio, is also exceptionally good. Its a delightful romp through interesting syncopation, peppy piano, haunting strings and playful lyrics. He's from Brooklyn so hopefully he'll be dipping down Philly way soon.
No More Pirates