Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Buffetlibre Crew Team Up With Amnesty International

After putting together some of the finest music projects to date the Buffetlibre DJs are reaching for new heights. Pairing up with Amnesty International to present exclusive tracks from artists all over the world to raise funds for AI's humanitarian efforts in areas of conflict. The list of participants is astounding...

The Veils • Micachu & The Shapes • Fanfarlo • Frankmusik • The Antlers • Port O'Brien • I’m From Barcelona • Apostle Of Hustle • Bonde Do Role • Vieux Farka Touré • Ra Ra Riot

The list seriously goes on around the world. The album will be available via digital download in January 2010 for a minimum donation of 2 EUROS. I, for one, am terribly anxious to hear the entire thing; however, these few samples should help in whetting your appetite.

The Spinto Band- Mr Blue Sky (ELO cover)
Darren Hayman - If You Were Here (Thompson Twins cover)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remix Rehash: Jump Club + Frederick Carlsson + Borracho!

Jump Club
The gentlemen of Jump Clubb hail from LA but that's about all they are willing to divulge about themselves. They will, however, share their "no dance" music freely. Intended to inspire you to think before you leap on to that dance floor. When I read their interestingly cerebral approach to the usually carnal world of good dance music I couldn't resist. And upon hearing A Frozen Hug I think they're dead on with their description. It certainly makes you want to move but the reasons why are up to you to figure it out.
new mixtape from Jump Clubb for your <3ing

Frederick Carlsonn
Continuing on with the dance theme I give you the "Swedish dance D'artagnan" Frederick Carlsson. Mando Diao's hit gets a fabulous treatment and makes you want to groove out even more. To speak from personal experience, this track is ideal for taking a break from your work or stress and dancing around like you're starring in your own iPod commercial. Get it.

To send you off right I thought I would share with you this fantastic 45 minute set orchestrated by Borracho at a gig in Argentina. I'm sure you're with me when I say I would've loved to be there for it live but the next best thing is to savor it be it while you're at your desk, in your car, at the gym or wherever. Its all good.

New To Know: The Grand Archives + Pet Ghost Project + Serengeti & Polyphonic

The Grand Archives
This album is so very many things calming, curious and beautiful. The group initially intended it to be a rock album but what their organic recording process shaped was something entirely more evolved. The lyrics, tender and intelligent, are delivered with crisp harmonies. The instrumentals, created by the usual as well as the unusual (a giant glass harp), surpass the "experimental indie band" cliche with such grace you almost miss its brilliance. But the patina Keep In Mind Frankenstein wears gets richer with every listen. Get it now! They will be in Philly at Johnny Brenda's on October 7th
Oslo Novelist

Pet Ghost Project
This trio has been on my radar for a long while bliping a little louder with every new recommendation. I finally got to catch a live set at the Danger!Danger! Gallery a few weeks ago. They were set up in the spaces basement and it was the perfect setting for their gritty aggressive rock. It is a group lead sonically by the bass and drums rather than by a guitar and vocals. Its a dynamic befitting their raw visceral sound. The drummer and the bassist exchange roles and can do so seamlessly because they both posses the level of dexterity and skill necessary to make those instruments step out front and shine. I really look forward to their next Philly foray, hopefully with a better sound set up next time.
Power Symbol

Serengeti & Polyphonic
Serengeti, the rapper, and Polyphonic, the producer, both bring a lot to their collaboration. Clearly there is an abundance of talent but, beyond that, there is a wealth of music knowledge (both have studied/nerded out on everything from classical to hip-hop) as well as actual life experience. The samples and instruments used to construct Terradactyl stretch the norms of each component. It would seem Serengti & Polyphonic have, together, realized the potential evolution for inter-genre hip-hop. Now it is up to us as the audience to generate the demand.
My Patriotism

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monolith Recap Day Two

Day two of Monolith was a vast improvement on Saturday. There was a little falter at the beginning when a late cabbie meant missing We Were Promised Jetpacks. But, we did get there in time for ...

The Grates

I have long adored this Aussie group's addictive pop music and had heard a lot of great things about their live show. So, I was pretty excited to see their set. Lead singer, Alana, was the embodiment of cheer. Championing the Grates cause to get everybody moving and happy. It was a fantastic way to start the day. If you haven't heard them here's a taste of what they sound like live. Suckafish at the Knitting factory.


While The Grates were on the SoCo stage Rahzel was entertaining on the main stage. Considering it was his beat boxing that first really pushed me towards the world of Hip Hop I couldn't miss his bit. He was every bit as amazing as I was expecting. The man's ability to throw his voice and imitate well, anything is astounding and his years of experience made for a flawless show.

I'm not gonna lie, Monotonix isn't my bag; however, watching the spectacle they created was a little amusing. They prefer to do their thing from crowd level (ie the press pit) forcing the misplaced photog's and other assorted media to the stage. It was a unique sight to behold.
The Thermals
Next up were The Thermals. They served up a sharp thirty minutes which really woke up the festival goers up on the plaza. This trio had so much fun on stage it would have been had to ignore them even if their music weren't so incredibly awesome. I am glad to say my first live dose of them was at Red Rocks.

Passion Pit
Regardless of how you feel about Passion Pit this was the most breath taking set of the weekend. It is undeniable that their electro pop music is catchy and the lengthy stints on the road have transformed them into total crowd pleasers. With the lighting and a day of fantastic music tucked under our belts Passion Pit's dancey set was a delectable dose of dance music at just the right time. Sleepyhead - Run Toto Run

Bad Veins

Chased Passion Pit's set underground on the WOXY stage. Having just seen them play in Philly to a dismal showing it was nice to see them get the audience and response they deserve. Ben was ever the showman while Sebastian wowed on the drums. They are coming back to Philly with The Subjects in October.

There were a lot of other acts we heard on Sunday. Some notable mentions:

HealthNeon IndianTwilight Sad

Why am I not giving them blurbs you ask? Because their stages were "closed" when the rooms they were in reached capacity. But, from the hallway I can tell you without a doubt they were fantabulous.

Hands down the best act of the weekend was Phoenix's show. Originally slated for the SoCo stage for a 30 minute set ealier in the day they were moved to the main stage when MSTRKRFT had to cancel due to illness. Groups were shifted around. Passion Pit taking Phoenix's space and Phoenix stepping in for MSTRKRFT.

I can't imagine it falling any other way. The French electro pop group filled the entire 45 minute with a flawless set touching on both their older, lesser known hits, as well as, the big crowd pleasers from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. They brought the entire amphitheater to their feet and kept them dancing, singing and simply celebrating the beautiful night and fantastic music. There wasn't much stage banter but it wasn't necessary as the progression of songs was well thought out and delivered perfectly. Impressed doesn't even begin to cover what I felt after watching these veteran (but, clearly still contributing kick ass tunes) pull together a main stage worthy performance at the very last minute. I left feeling entirely satiated by my first Monolith experience. I look forward to seeing what kind of line up they assemble next year.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monolith Recap Day One

I made the trek out the infamous Red Rocks for this year's Monolith Music Festival. It had a stellar line up and I was badly in need of a little mountain time. So tickets were bought, flights booked, must see lists drafted and hoodies packed.

Things were looking good Saturday morning and true to the fickle nature of nature the weather toyed with us. The rain rolled in about a third of the way through the day and, due to minimal places to hide away from the elements and to the fire marshal lock down imposed on the inside stages I wasn't able to make it to all my targeted shows. However, the ones I did catch were fantastic.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
This fiercely awesome lady opened the day for me. Thao and her fellas rocked out a lot more than I was expecting. Listening to the recorded version of her stuff then seeing her live I have a much greater appreciation of talents.

Frightened Rabbit
This was the fifth time I've seen Frightened Rabbit and I never tire of their exceptionally sincere delivery. They have some of the best lyrics and energetic instrumentals to begin with but they take it to a much more alluring and intriguing place with their live show. The entire group plays/sings their heart out on stage; this, combined with their evident comfort and fun they have playing together makes them one of my favorite bands to see. They tossed out some of their new stuff and, upon that first listen, I'd say they aren't slowing down anytime soon.
**I would like to call attention to the shirt the drummer,Grant is wearing ^

Edward Sharp & The Magnificent Zeros
I was terribly curious about ESTMZ. I rather enjoyed their first single, Home and the whole group-of-feel-gooders-taking-to-the-road-to-spread-their-sound thing does nibble at one's attention. I can now say with 100% certainty they are pure delight. I got the best energy from them and their music is even more enjoyable in person than it is recorded. They were a ray of light as the clouds got thicker. They're coming to the Church on Nov 15th.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
As things really got chilly and damp Pains took the SoCo stage. Appropriate right? Theirs was a pretty standard POBPAH show. Shoe gazealicious and transfixing. The crowd was feeling them full on as they provided the perfect soundtrack for the drizzle.

The Answering Machines
This British trio won my heart. I hadn't heard anything from them before last weekend but was immediately hooked. They play the catchiest of pop songs that you can't help but repeat over and over and over again. The added bonus is that they are the most adorable of kids at the very beginning of a head long tumble into the hearts of the masses. Watch this clip from WOXY's coverage of Monolith.

Thunderheist I had heard good things about Thunderheist but went into their set virtually ignorant of their true awesomeness. They are a unique duo; the incredible MC Isis doing vocals with the spot on Graham Zilla on the table. It was a clean set with a fresh delivery. Great surprise and I look forward to catching them again.

There were two groups whose shows I had to simply listen to from the atrium of the visitors center. Because so many people were digging The Antlers and These United States I wasn't able to get into the WOXY stage. What I heard was awesome and I couldn't be happier both bands were packing it in.

If you're looking for more coverage from Monolith stop by My Old Kentucky Blog's LaundroMatinee or WOXY and if you want to see ALL the pictures from the whole weekend stop by TWIAPC's new FLICKR page.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's Going On With The Dodos

The Dodos are about to embark on a full US and European tour to support their freshly released album Time To Die. Before they do though, I got the chance to pick their musical brains

TWIAPC: Did your experiences touring for Visiter influence the songs that made in on to Time To Die?

For sure, Fables is a good example. Not only is it one of the only TTD songs we were playing live last year but the lyrics pertain directly to the madness that touring off of Visiter generated.

TWIAPC: As you've built up your sound and audience are there any opportunities to experiment/collaborate/perform you'd like to see happen?

Our songs, by the time we take 'em to the stage, are usually pretty locked into a structure. This limits a lot of experimentation but there is something coming up on the horizon that I don't know if I can reveal yet. It involves a large ensemble interpreting our songs with us live and I'm pretty excited about it.

TWIAPC: What was the biggest difference in recording this time around?

As the drummer, playing to a click. It was quite difficult at times but by the end of the process it really showed me a lot of my ingrained habits, broke them down and made me a more sensitive player. I think it's a lesson I needed to learn but maybe not something I want to do as much of in the future.

TWIAPC:I understand you were a cook for a while. What kind of things do you listen to in the kitchen?

I don't think he (Meric) was allowed to listen to music in the kitchen as it was adjacent to the dining room, but he often told me he would spend his shifts singing maniacally and annoying the hell out of his coworkers.

TWIAPC:You guys are facing quite a humdinger of a tour what kind of rituals or habits do you guys resort to when on the road for lengthy bits of time?

As I'm finally getting over the fear of hurting my hands on tour I'm gonna bring my skateboard on the next American trek. So the daily ritual will probably include a cruise around the parking lot and then on with the usual stretch/tigerbalm/find a towel/drink a beer/play show thing.

The Dodos will be skating the streets of Philly October 12th then playing a show at The Church. Get out and catch their fantastic live show, vibraphone and all!

Here's a capcha from their Daytrotter session - Paint The Rust

And here is a great video from The Shoot Music Don't They with the fellas on the streets of Berlin.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sammy Bananas plays with Kid Cudi

Sammy Banana's first remix for one of the big dogs (universal) leaked this evening. He just left for a quick Euro tour, you know Like ya do, but will be back to his old tricks and usual gigs .

Kid Cudi-Make Her Say ft. Kanye West & Common (Sammy Bananas Remix)

Pavement Is Back & Pet Ghost Project Has A Cover

Pavement will be back next September with a benefit show on the Summer Stage in Central Park. To celebrate I thought I would share this cover of Box Elder as done by Brooklyn's Pet Ghost Project. Now go get your ticket acquisition plan in order.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monolith Photo Teaser

So, the full posts and reviews about the musical acts seen last weekend at Monolith are in the works but I thought I'd share a bit of the imagery from this weekend. The first shot is from the top of the amphitheater where the Main Stage was. Amazing view, especially Sunday when the skies were clear.

For Monotronix the Press took the stage while the band freaked out amidst the audience. Certainly changed things up and even more certainly messed with the wee altered minds of those trying to push towards the center of that insanity.

There were all sorts of interesting people watching. Some clearly put a lot of effort into their Monolith look(more than one clown costume and native ameican head dress were spotted). Other's literally just rolled out of bed (the scene must haves: Camelbaks, dugout, and trendy but functional layers). But the two fellas who really grabbed my eye were the ones captured above. Look closely, admire and tip your hat to whatever process, chemically induced or not, brought them to Red Rocks in all this glory. And yes, there is a ginormous inflatable bottle of Southern Comfort in the background.

And your parting shot from the best set all weekend. Can you figure it out?

Friday, September 11, 2009

River City Extension @ The Fire

Ever since I caught River City Extensions' lead singer Joe do a solo set earlier this summer I have been anxious to see the whole six member crew perform live. Finally I had the chance to see them last week and it was far more incredible than I was expecting.

Like the Avett Brothers, their record (while entirely enjoyable) falls a little ahead of the pack while their live show is amongst the best I've seen this year. The music also has a vastly different vibe from the alt country sound of their recorded material. Instead, it is southern rock with heavy punk influence. RCE consists of the usual bass, guitar, drums as well as a cello, floor tom, assorted horns and percussive implements; and, this septet do their thing with a degree of energy and enthusiasm that could almost be considered another instrument.

The openers were ok but did very little to amp up the audience for the kind of intensity RCE had to offer. 3/4's of the way into their first song though they managed to draw people in from the bar and get everyone on the floor moving. Each member, regardless of the instrument's traditional roll in a band, plays in such a way that makes you really pay attention to who is carrying the rhythm, who is laying out the melody and who is providing the chaotic pulse that typically drives their songs. The cello, played by the v. talented Jenn, provides a soaring thread to tracks like Elephant while also managing to rock out on others.

Watching them play I realized that RCE is one of the few bands whose bassist takes more than a supporting role. In a few instances James carries the melody so deftly it pushed the floor tom to really pull out more of those juicy bass tones. The percussionists both took turns picking out lines in each song to emphasize or challenge to really build the depth of RCE's overall sound.

Oh, and I can't forget the horns. Switching between a baritone horn and a trumpet I really enjoyed the character and punkishness he brought to the floor. Often he served to reign in the massive storm of percussion but not without adding his own flair. Joe,the circus leader and head vocalist, was playing through a bloody finger but didn't let that effect his delivery. Just as sincere and balls out as he was when I saw him play solo there was a raw emotional element on display when he was on stage interacting with the full crew. Tearing through Clever & Quickness I was in awe watching them all push it a little harder. On the songs, like (I Had Thought About This In) Marc where everyone sings you really feel their charge at full force.

Watching them during their last song, as they played acoustic in the middle of the audience, I got that feeling in my stomach that these guys are headed for much bigger venues. I can only hope their next album harnesses the power of their live show. If you're in the NJ/NY/PA area try to get yourself to one of their shows. They are playing Philly again on the 25th at the North Star Bar.

(If I Had Thought About This In) March

Monolith Pregame Round 4

Today we're messing around in Breckenridge enjoying the mountains and the beautiful fall colors. Basically though, I'll be relaxing so that I can power through my extensive show schedule for the next two days. Here is my final installment in the Monolith series.


Phoenix - Lisztomania from KEXP RADIO on Vimeo.

They covered Air's Playground Love live on NPR

Frightened Rabbit
This is quite possibly the sweetest video ever.

Last Tango In Brooklyn (via Glorious Hum)

The Walkmen


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monolith Pregame Round 3

Well folks, I have arrived for a little play time in the mountains before digging into the plethora of awesomeness being served up at Monolith Saturday & Sunday. Tonight's schedule is far more laid back; BBQ, beers and football. But before that begins I want to share with you some more of the acts on my "to see" list. These are all towards the top (ie, you'll be reading posts about them next week for sure)

Ida Maria

Ida Maria - Oh My God from John West on Vimeo.

Yet again Daytrotter caught the essence of Ida in We're All Going To Hell, another song with personal anthem potential.

We Were Promised Jet Packs

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

The Love Language

The Grates

Burn Bridges

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monolith Pregame Round 2

I am currently packing my bag and running around like a crazy person getting ready to leave for Denver tomorrow. These are four more acts I'm looking forward to seeing at Monolith. All of these performers (and most on my "must see" list) understand the importance of putting on a show vs. being on stage and playing instruments.

Bad Veins

Untitled from Bad Veins on Vimeo.

Way back on '08 these fellas did a stunning version of Fake Baby for Daytrotter

M Ward

Here is a tasty treat, M covering Bowie's classic Lets Dance on KCRW


OK Go in Madrid from pukilin on Vimeo.

Glitch Mob

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monolith Pregame Round 1

In preparation for Monolith Music Festival next week at Red Rocks I have snagged videos from the acts I'm most looking forward to seeing. I'll spread it out over the next couple of days for your continued pleasure. Enjoy the show!

The Thermals

Edward Sharpe & The Magnificent Zeros

Daytrotter just captured Home beautifully.

Depreciation Guild


Remix!: Before Tigers (CFCF)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Music Makers Thread: Dinosaur Feathers > The Darlings + River City Extension > Hezekiah Jones

Lately I have gotten in the habit of asking bands about other acts they've performed with/heard/respect that may benefit from a little more attention. So far the results have been fantastic. I have discovered a whole mess of new groups and since its what I do I'm going to start sharing them with you. Starting with this twofer.

The Darlings were brought to my ears by Greg Sullo the lead singer of Dinosaur Feathers. While discussing what promising indie pop there is out there today he dropped their name and when I said I wasn't familiar with them he gave me a look that implied I needed to immediately get my hands on some.

I have been beyond plused by their work. There is a Pogues-esqu balance in their arrangements with smart lyrics delivered sincerely (even if that means agrily like on If This Is Love) while
punkier instrumentals keep you on your toes and wanting more. They have been getting some excellent, and well deserved, press and I'm glad to add my ups to the pile. Try these two tracks on
and, as always, support the live show. The Darlings will be in Philly on the 19th if you're free get yourself there.

Hezekiah Jones is a group suggested by James of
River City Extension [who are playing at The Fire tomorrow night incidently]. HJ is a group that records with a whole troupe of contributors and then performs live with whomever is available and both deliveries a equally delectable. Perhaps due to the rotating cast's constant; Raphael Cutrufello. Cutrufello writes the songs and provides lead vocals as well as a number of other instrumental noises and does so with luring beauty. His voice is clearly informed by the folk tradition but maintains an authentic indie balladeer vibe pushing HJ's songs towards a really fresh end of the spectrum. This ripe flavor is made even more potent by the variety of "instruments" used to create arrangements surrounding the vocals. Whether the song calls for sweet lilting support from a guitar and tender harmonies or raucous banjo strumming and banging pots and pans there is always the right mix there to create the perfect sound.

They cover a range of topics from love to politics and all of it draws you in, makes you think and more often than not bob your head in time. Hezekiah Jone performs quite a bit in Philly and the surrounds so you should have no problem catching the live action. In the mean time start your collection with these two superb tracks:
Mississippi SeaCupcakes For The Army
Hezekiah Jone photo courtesy of Lisa Schaffer

Sounds Good Right?: Our New Calendar

Want to stay updated on what shows I'm looking forward to? Subscribe to the calendar. I'll be posting it monthly just to keep your lazy folks tuned in but if you want to know every time I add a show or event then hook yourself up.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Noise Addicts: It Was Never About The Audience

Ben Lee has brought the gang back together. 14 years after they first futzed around together, and after some v. successful solo/side projects, Noise Addicts has put a new free album out there for mass consumption. Recorded on a whim (of sorts) the playfulness and quirky but intelligent lyrics are still there. You can download it here: NOISE ADDICTS . It will bring genuine playful joy to your day, guaranteed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Remix Rehash: Tiga + Melechtric + Kolt13 + Dave Wrangler

Sheenabeaston is responsible for bringing this track to my life. In a post I can do nothing but support and sympathize with ie. a massive dump of stuff just to catch up. So, if you enjoy this raga-ish undeniably move busting track check out the rest of what the lady's got posted.
Jump Up 2 This (Major Lazer vJack Beats) - Melechtric Remix

When this track bounced my way I was in a total new wave mood so I'm not sure if that is why it sits so well in my ears but I have hit the repeat on this one numerous times and at a certain point a girls gotta stop trying to figure out why and just go with it. Your turn...
Beep Beep Beep (Extended 12" remix) - Tiga

The brilliant Pasta Primavera posted this cross between spacey synth and old school rhyming. Mr Wrangler has touch when it comes to mash ups. Finding the right way to pull these to together is an sign of true skill. Its like they were meant to be.
I Got Soul vs National Anthem - Dave Wrangler

The original in this case is magnificent on its own but with Kolt13's spit and polish it carries it an anthemic place. Push it at just the right places and holding back to emphasize the build. I applaud thee.
1901 (Phoenix) - Kolt13 Remix