Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New To Know: The Grand Archives + Pet Ghost Project + Serengeti & Polyphonic

The Grand Archives
This album is so very many things calming, curious and beautiful. The group initially intended it to be a rock album but what their organic recording process shaped was something entirely more evolved. The lyrics, tender and intelligent, are delivered with crisp harmonies. The instrumentals, created by the usual as well as the unusual (a giant glass harp), surpass the "experimental indie band" cliche with such grace you almost miss its brilliance. But the patina Keep In Mind Frankenstein wears gets richer with every listen. Get it now! They will be in Philly at Johnny Brenda's on October 7th
Oslo Novelist

Pet Ghost Project
This trio has been on my radar for a long while bliping a little louder with every new recommendation. I finally got to catch a live set at the Danger!Danger! Gallery a few weeks ago. They were set up in the spaces basement and it was the perfect setting for their gritty aggressive rock. It is a group lead sonically by the bass and drums rather than by a guitar and vocals. Its a dynamic befitting their raw visceral sound. The drummer and the bassist exchange roles and can do so seamlessly because they both posses the level of dexterity and skill necessary to make those instruments step out front and shine. I really look forward to their next Philly foray, hopefully with a better sound set up next time.
Power Symbol

Serengeti & Polyphonic
Serengeti, the rapper, and Polyphonic, the producer, both bring a lot to their collaboration. Clearly there is an abundance of talent but, beyond that, there is a wealth of music knowledge (both have studied/nerded out on everything from classical to hip-hop) as well as actual life experience. The samples and instruments used to construct Terradactyl stretch the norms of each component. It would seem Serengti & Polyphonic have, together, realized the potential evolution for inter-genre hip-hop. Now it is up to us as the audience to generate the demand.
My Patriotism

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