Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monolith Photo Teaser

So, the full posts and reviews about the musical acts seen last weekend at Monolith are in the works but I thought I'd share a bit of the imagery from this weekend. The first shot is from the top of the amphitheater where the Main Stage was. Amazing view, especially Sunday when the skies were clear.

For Monotronix the Press took the stage while the band freaked out amidst the audience. Certainly changed things up and even more certainly messed with the wee altered minds of those trying to push towards the center of that insanity.

There were all sorts of interesting people watching. Some clearly put a lot of effort into their Monolith look(more than one clown costume and native ameican head dress were spotted). Other's literally just rolled out of bed (the scene must haves: Camelbaks, dugout, and trendy but functional layers). But the two fellas who really grabbed my eye were the ones captured above. Look closely, admire and tip your hat to whatever process, chemically induced or not, brought them to Red Rocks in all this glory. And yes, there is a ginormous inflatable bottle of Southern Comfort in the background.

And your parting shot from the best set all weekend. Can you figure it out?

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