Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's Going On With The Dodos

The Dodos are about to embark on a full US and European tour to support their freshly released album Time To Die. Before they do though, I got the chance to pick their musical brains

TWIAPC: Did your experiences touring for Visiter influence the songs that made in on to Time To Die?

For sure, Fables is a good example. Not only is it one of the only TTD songs we were playing live last year but the lyrics pertain directly to the madness that touring off of Visiter generated.

TWIAPC: As you've built up your sound and audience are there any opportunities to experiment/collaborate/perform you'd like to see happen?

Our songs, by the time we take 'em to the stage, are usually pretty locked into a structure. This limits a lot of experimentation but there is something coming up on the horizon that I don't know if I can reveal yet. It involves a large ensemble interpreting our songs with us live and I'm pretty excited about it.

TWIAPC: What was the biggest difference in recording this time around?

As the drummer, playing to a click. It was quite difficult at times but by the end of the process it really showed me a lot of my ingrained habits, broke them down and made me a more sensitive player. I think it's a lesson I needed to learn but maybe not something I want to do as much of in the future.

TWIAPC:I understand you were a cook for a while. What kind of things do you listen to in the kitchen?

I don't think he (Meric) was allowed to listen to music in the kitchen as it was adjacent to the dining room, but he often told me he would spend his shifts singing maniacally and annoying the hell out of his coworkers.

TWIAPC:You guys are facing quite a humdinger of a tour what kind of rituals or habits do you guys resort to when on the road for lengthy bits of time?

As I'm finally getting over the fear of hurting my hands on tour I'm gonna bring my skateboard on the next American trek. So the daily ritual will probably include a cruise around the parking lot and then on with the usual stretch/tigerbalm/find a towel/drink a beer/play show thing.

The Dodos will be skating the streets of Philly October 12th then playing a show at The Church. Get out and catch their fantastic live show, vibraphone and all!

Here's a capcha from their Daytrotter session - Paint The Rust

And here is a great video from The Shoot Music Don't They with the fellas on the streets of Berlin.

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