Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monolith Recap Day One

I made the trek out the infamous Red Rocks for this year's Monolith Music Festival. It had a stellar line up and I was badly in need of a little mountain time. So tickets were bought, flights booked, must see lists drafted and hoodies packed.

Things were looking good Saturday morning and true to the fickle nature of nature the weather toyed with us. The rain rolled in about a third of the way through the day and, due to minimal places to hide away from the elements and to the fire marshal lock down imposed on the inside stages I wasn't able to make it to all my targeted shows. However, the ones I did catch were fantastic.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
This fiercely awesome lady opened the day for me. Thao and her fellas rocked out a lot more than I was expecting. Listening to the recorded version of her stuff then seeing her live I have a much greater appreciation of talents.

Frightened Rabbit
This was the fifth time I've seen Frightened Rabbit and I never tire of their exceptionally sincere delivery. They have some of the best lyrics and energetic instrumentals to begin with but they take it to a much more alluring and intriguing place with their live show. The entire group plays/sings their heart out on stage; this, combined with their evident comfort and fun they have playing together makes them one of my favorite bands to see. They tossed out some of their new stuff and, upon that first listen, I'd say they aren't slowing down anytime soon.
**I would like to call attention to the shirt the drummer,Grant is wearing ^

Edward Sharp & The Magnificent Zeros
I was terribly curious about ESTMZ. I rather enjoyed their first single, Home and the whole group-of-feel-gooders-taking-to-the-road-to-spread-their-sound thing does nibble at one's attention. I can now say with 100% certainty they are pure delight. I got the best energy from them and their music is even more enjoyable in person than it is recorded. They were a ray of light as the clouds got thicker. They're coming to the Church on Nov 15th.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
As things really got chilly and damp Pains took the SoCo stage. Appropriate right? Theirs was a pretty standard POBPAH show. Shoe gazealicious and transfixing. The crowd was feeling them full on as they provided the perfect soundtrack for the drizzle.

The Answering Machines
This British trio won my heart. I hadn't heard anything from them before last weekend but was immediately hooked. They play the catchiest of pop songs that you can't help but repeat over and over and over again. The added bonus is that they are the most adorable of kids at the very beginning of a head long tumble into the hearts of the masses. Watch this clip from WOXY's coverage of Monolith.

Thunderheist I had heard good things about Thunderheist but went into their set virtually ignorant of their true awesomeness. They are a unique duo; the incredible MC Isis doing vocals with the spot on Graham Zilla on the table. It was a clean set with a fresh delivery. Great surprise and I look forward to catching them again.

There were two groups whose shows I had to simply listen to from the atrium of the visitors center. Because so many people were digging The Antlers and These United States I wasn't able to get into the WOXY stage. What I heard was awesome and I couldn't be happier both bands were packing it in.

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