Monday, July 6, 2009

New To Know: One For The Team • Ida Maria • Swimming In Speakers • Chris Garneau

I have been on a new music spree lately. I don't know if its a matter of me really digging through all the emails to find the gems or simply pursuing some of the tidbits that cross my path whether it be via Twitter, myspace or suggestion I'm always ALWAYS interested in new music. There's a lot of new stuff I want to share but I'm going to break it down for you in a few installments in hopes of making this a regular feature.
One For The Team - First, a band the hails from my hometown of Minneapolis, One For The Team is a quartet that has done a very nice job for itself grabbing the attention of MTV producers (they popped up on an episode on Real World: Brooklyn) and regular audiences alike. After giving their new album, Build A Garden, a listen its easy to see why. The vocals, provided by Ian and Grace are in sync enough to sit well in your ear but distinct enough to lay well on top of the indie pop instrumentals. Give them a hear they may just be your new favorite band.
Best Supporting Actress

Ida Maria -

I got the absolute fucking pleasure to see Ida live at Bell House in New York a few weeks ago and felt my heart go pah pitter. I had heard, and very much liked, her sassy punky tunes prior to the show but watching her perform the layer of vulnerability and realness behind such songs as Oh My God and Keep Me Warm became far more apparent. Shes ballsy brash and in your face. Her lyrics are simple and manage to cut straight to the heart of some sentiments I have often felt myself. Ahem, "you think I'm in control?" Get her stuff. ALL OF IT. And when she's near see her. I'm uber giddy to catch her at Monolith this fall. Here is a bit of the actual performance I caught.

Ida Maria "Oh My God" Live at the Bellhouse NYC from AbzPunkPhoto on Vimeo.

Swimming In Speakers - Swimming In Speakers first EP is the product of a home recording project by two friend's in up state New York. The result has a little indie softness countered by a bit o' pop synth with a whole lot of potential. The beautiful harmonies are lulling but literally just a hint off the beat so you are pulled along through the tightly woven tracks.
In Knowing

Chris Garneau -
Personally, I'm a generally more of a ninja girl so when I read the title of Chris Garneau's single No More Pirates I couldn't resist. I happily categorize this as a song that lives up to its awesome title. The rest of the material on his new release, El Radio, is also exceptionally good. Its a delightful romp through interesting syncopation, peppy piano, haunting strings and playful lyrics. He's from Brooklyn so hopefully he'll be dipping down Philly way soon.
No More Pirates

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