Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road Trip Mix

I took some time at the beginning of the month to embrace one of those quintessential American past times, the road trip. I had to get back to the Twin Cities for a family reunion and thanks to a absurdly wired car I was able to work from the road. My partner in crime and I mapped out a meandering route hitting up friends and family along the way.

Of course there was excellent music along the way. On the way out PIC and I did a little exchange of what we both considered "essential" music. We would take turns playing albums and sharing all our knowledge about each of them. I shared Allman Brothers, Derek & The Dominoes, Buddy Holly, Marc Cohen etc while he shared Foo Fighters, Hum, Dismemberment Plan and so on.

Music popped up other places as well. We spent the 4th in a Chautauqua community in Lakeside OH where the all-American children sang patriotic songs. At the Metrodome where I saw my final Twins game in that deplorable arena (and they lost to the Yankees of course). And the night around the fire at my family reunion when my cousins and I sang the entirety of Gin & Juice (the Gourds version) and most of the Drive By Trucker's song book.

On the whole it was a pretty spectacular trip so I thought I'd share a little mix tape with you of a few of the better tracks that made their way through our speakers.

Gin & Juice - The Gourds
Just (Radiohead) - Nickle Creek
Bell Bottom Blues - Derek & The Dominoes
Silver Thunderbird - Marc Cohen
Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp
Locked Out - Crowded House
Twilight (The Band) - The Jones Street Boys
Everlong (Foo Fighters) - Wakey!Wakey!
Heavens To Purgatory - Most Serene Republic

Enjoy the whole soundtrack

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Anonymous said...

These covers have a nice mellow country feel. I found these the other day that were different but still have similar vibe.