Monday, July 27, 2009

Remix Rehash: Its A Mess + But It All Has Beats!

It turns out when you take two days off to be sick everything ferments and grows this mold of immediacy. Its true in work, social and blog. You just gotta spend the time deciding whether its the good kind of mold (ie penicillin or bleu cheese) or the tossable kind (um, you know it). I am still waist deep in these determinations so I can't provide you the full analysis of these except to say they were the one's that jumped straight from "inbox" to "yes please" surpassing "maybe for a slow week" and "if it fits." Enjoy!

Remedy (Little Boots) - Buffetlibre vs Sidechains remix
The Woods (Cartridge) - Buffetlibre
Who's There (Riton & Primary 1)- IAMXL remix
Let The Bodies Hit Thunder -
Crookers vs. DJ Sega (DJ HLM More Bass Edit)
Treat Me Like Your Mother (The Dead Weather) - Diplo Remix
We Are Golden (Mika) - Don Diablo Remix
Disco Disco Disco - Don Diablo

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Keith said...

Ai caramba what a remix by Don Diablo! just keep em coming :)