Wednesday, November 25, 2009

J Tillman Speaks For Himself

TWIAPC:In your solo work it is just you and the myriad instrumental lines you've created. How does performing to support this album differ from your other group effort?

J Tillman: We get much louder.

TWIAPC: You clearly have a knack and a comfort level with a wide variety of instruments. Are there any in particular that feel more natural or, conversely, more unusual?

J Tillman: The hammered dulcimer was definitely mysterious territory. Most of the time I really like what happens on an instrument you're not particularly proficient on. It's a very honest sound.

TWIAPC: There is a rather ruminative tone threaded throughout Year In The Kingdom.  Was there any one thing or event tumbling around your mind while writing or, do the songs reflect singular moments or ideas?

J Tillman: I spent a lot of time trying to create my own mythology; trying to reclaim certain words and imagery as my own.

TWIAPC: Where did you draw your earliest musical inspiration?

J Tillman: I wrote a lot of poetry as a kid.  I had a teacher nominate me for this national children's poetry thing, but I was always in trouble so the school administrators accused me of plagiarism.  I think that's when I knew I was on the right track.

TWIAPC: Both your solo work and that you do with Fleet Foxes falls safely in the chamberish folk portion of the genre spectrum. Are there any other "sounds" you've been curious to dabble in?

J Tillman: I can't say I really know what the term "chamber folk" means.  I do what I can to confound people who categorize music in that way.

TWIAPC: Coming from Seattle do you identify much with the larger Pacific Northwest community of music makers? How much does that influence your choice of projects?

J Tillman: I can't say I identify with the PNW music community, if that even exists.  I have friends that make music, some of it I like and some I don't.  I wouldn't say it influences my decision making process.

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