Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laura Veirs at World Cafe Live

Laura Veirs has an incredibly honest voice, one that avoids the baby coo- slurred words trap that so many female singers fall into. Throughout her show last week at World Cafe Live I couldn't help but be notice how striking, not to mention rare, it is to hear that level of vocal purity.Having originally come to music via Minneapolis' mid 90's punk scene it makes perfect sense that she has maintained a distinct level of straightforwardness even though her solo work is anything but punk. Paired with her nerd-tastic lyrics (she sings of constellations, politics and spelunking) there was really no other option but fall further in love with Ms. Veirs.

Laura and her musical menagerie played primarily from their new album due out in January. The songs from July Flame are a from a wiser place than her previous work and it's sincerity is palpable in her live delivery. When washing through a beautiful track like When You Give Your Heart the group played it delicately yet when the flair of a song like Galaxies dictated it they stepped up the pace and got a little more rock 'n roll. Regardless of the pace though Veirs voice was unchanging in its quality. Maintaining that degree of dynamic range is something those just beginning to explore their vocal potential should study and strive for. Meanwhile, Veirs continues to create one smart and delectable album after another each proving she is also considering her potential with each release.

Put July Flame on your list of albums to buy and try to catch Veirs on this lengthy stint on the road. She's expecting a baby next spring so I'm guessing it will be a while before she is back out on the road. 

I Can See Your Tracks

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mjrc said...

what a great review! i, too, hate that little-girl voice that so many female vocalists take on. i like a woman who sings with authority. :)