Friday, November 13, 2009

Music Makers Thread: White Rabbits... Glass Ghost

The White Rabbits have been laying tracks all over the US this fall and Glass Ghost has been priming the audiences along the way. So, after spending all that time together, it isn't surprising that when asked what band deserved more praise, love and attention they pointed in Glass Ghost's direction. They just released the fantastically surreal Idol Omen which plays like a trippy spin through vividly crisp fall day in a big city. The influences are many, coming from Eliot and Mike's previous dalliances in the funk, hip-hop, jazz and rock worlds. While the tracks stand alone in their refreshingly curious arrangements their true magnificence surfaces when the entire album is taken in one sitting.

Glass Ghost's music represents layer upon layer of unexpected musical combination's that ripple across your consciousness so every time you listen to them you notice new parallels. After having passed it tween my ears more than a few times now I get a very playful sense of anticipation when I try to remember what exactly comes next. My only request is that they get themselves back to Philly so I can catch the live version.

Here is a track but as I said you really need to hear the whole thing so go get your self a copy of Idol Omen.

Mechanical Life

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