Monday, November 16, 2009

Luke Doucet @ World Cafe Live

Luke Doucet swung through World Cafe Live last week, opening for Willy Porter. If you're not already familiar with Mr Doucet, he is a Canadian troubadour straddling the line between classic rock and cat scratch country. His new album Blood's Too Rich is loaded with stories set to twangy guitars and delivered with Doucet's deceptively sweet voice. The tales he spins are drawn largely from his own observations from the road as seen though authentic balladeer's lens; leaving you with a slightly dusty but mostly romantic view of the world.

As a Montana native it is always nice to get a dose of alt country every once in a while so I was looking forward to seeing Doucet do his thing live. The guitar lines were juicy, perhaps a little too much so as they tended to notably counter his smooth and calm vocals. Hearing him deliver his material live carries an air of sincerity that is muted in recording and would have been better accompanied by a gentler guitar line. That being said, he has a true entertainers stage presence; both his skill and easy banter made for a fine evening of music. Next time around I'd love to see him with a backing band to fully complement his vocal potential. If you get the chance to see him, it's definitely worth it. But be sure you grab a copy of Blood's To Rich to really hear Luke Doucet at his finest.

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