Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kung Fu Necktie 1-2-3 : Pink Skull + Ramona Falls + The Subjects

There have been some fine one off shows at Kung Fu Necktie lately. Acts that, in the chaos of the last few weeks, were threatening to get lost in the maze the can be my mind. In order to prevent these beauts from getting lost in the shuffle I thought I'd throw them together in a potent post of quality gig reviews.  

Philly psych-rock-electro act Pink Skull brought their A game to KFN a few weeks ago. They also brought some of the new funky business off of their soon to be released album Endless Bummer. For those of you unfamiliar with the group, they are quartet of ridiculously taut musicians lead by the feisty Julian Grefe. Whereas in a lot of bands who employ a strong electro component there is often a lack genuine musicality when performing live the exact opposite is the case when you witness Pink Skull in action. You notice the incredibly tight drumming busting out of the back and fresh bass lines countering the rowdy rhythms produced by the mechanical instruments. You also notice you're moving your hips and, if you're willing to just give into the visceral effect of Pink Skull's music, you will soon be dancing your ass off. Its the ideal blend of a rock show and mindless dance party. The material on this new album is, by far, their most consistently enjoyable. Be sure to catch them live while they get out and about to support Endless Bummer.
Endless Bummer comes out Nov. 10 on RVNG

Ramona Falls came to my full attention at the suggestion of Greg Sullo (lead singer from the band Dinosaur Feathers). Prior to that I had heard a few songs of theirs but never given them a true dedicated listen. So, I didn't really know what to expect of the live show. What you get when Brett Knopf and his troupe take the stage is something so distinct and sincere you almost feel as though it is a bit of musical theater. Brett's delivery is emotional and tender, appearing to come from a very unique place, and gently draws you into that world. His band puts an equal amount of themselves out there as well. The drummer was truly a wildly talented and physical sight to behold. The visual intrigue is matched by the intelligence of music something that is far more apparent when heard live vs the recorded material. I couldn't recommend a show more highly. Catch them if you can.


It isn't an easy task playing a week night set in a city enthralled with their team's World Series performance. It is an even rougher spot when one of your co-performers has had to cancel due to van troubles and the other act (ahem Cheers Elephant ** I would like to apologize I was miss informed. They showed but in house canceled the rest of the show**) is a no show. Yet The Subjects fellas went on like it was any other show. Theirs is such a purely enjoyable variety of indie pop that when you get their songs stuck in your head (and trust me you will) it doesn't annoy you it just makes you want to listen to some more. While they do have a slightly more reserved stage presence they present their stunningly witty lyrics and well woven instrumentals so cleanly you don't really recognize how quality their offerings are until their done and you've begun reflecting. You catch a little bit of this vibe on their record but it is so much more delightful to get the live effect.

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Ahem... Cheers Elephant did show, did unload their equipment, and was promptly told to go home by the sound man.