Sunday, November 8, 2009

New To Know: Brazos + Anders Ponders + Sergeant

There is something so casual and smooth about this Texas trio that makes their music ripe for the movie soundtrack picking. On tracks like For So Long Now, the vocals are parsed from the instrumentation in a way that lends it feeling of a lilting conversation. Then in a quick turn to Kid they push out an appropriately playful arrangement while maintaining the story telling lyrical approach. This music is constructed with a engaging intent and intelligence that, as a whole, reads like a landscape witnessed from the passenger seat during a road trip; every element unique but threaded together by proximity and the familiarity of the frame. They are out on tour with White Denim (including a stop in Philly on November 13th at Kung Fu Necktie)
Day Glo

Anders Ponders 

There isn't a single second in Anders Ponders' new album Nodes Of Overtones that isn't completely nourishing for your soul, ears and heart. This Minneapolis artist possesses a pure wit which leads to some incredible turns of phrase (see the Discus Incident) and when combined with his lush instrumental arrangements causes your cheeks to blush with excitement. Ponders explores mythology, astrology and opera with a whimsy and curiosity that are undeniably evident in this collection of seven ditties. Building from a viola base Ponders creates intricate arrangements of instruments and vocals to wrap around his words and ultimately his audience. This will undoubtedly be on my winter soundtrack and I unreservedly demand you give it repeated listens to, please. Nodes of Overtones is out on the 10th.


To round out this edition of NTK I give you this grand Scottish quartet. Influenced greatly by classic UK pop they boys of Sergeant have clean instrumental lines and simple narrative lyrics suggesting maybe the slightest country leanings. Choosing to avoid building the next epic pop ballad instead they include just enough guitar, percussion and vocals to achieve their goal placing them out in front of a mess of bands muddling trying to include all the catchy/trendy/jangley components they can get their hands on. The music Sergeant is making is good clean fun that will take you back to simpler times. Toss in their self titled album and clear your head. They are yet to make it over to the US but if your luck enough to be in the UK they're all over the place for the next few months.
It All Comes Back To Me

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Larry King Live said...

awesome i just found this after having listened to Anders and Brazos all week long. Saw Anders play with Cowboy Motif and What For? in minneapolis. fun ass show!