Friday, May 29, 2009

The White Rabbits Live at Bowery Ballroom

Apparently I have a thing for bands with "rabbit" in their name. Its no secret I love me all things Frightened Rabbit but recently I have realized I may have a subconscious draw to the presence of rabbit in a band. This came to my attention last week when I got to see The White Rabbits at The Bowery Ballroom. I had enjoyed listening to their recent release It's Frightening but that didn't even come close to preparing me for their astounding live show. It was intense, it was brash you could feel the pulse of the percussion in your toes and the tautness of their rhythm in your tum. The group consists of six wildly talented musicians who are so incredibly in tune with each other they are able to work the stage with a cool ease you wouldn't expect from a group that rocks so hard. The two percussionists are a sight to behold. They dance around their set pushing the beat out over the audience with their mad full body playing style.

The band's vocalist and keyboard player put his all into his delivery as well. The band has a bounce to it that is reminiscent of big band swing music with the gritty edge of punk to really suck you in. It is very apparent that the entire band has put a little of themselves into the creation of these tracks. I am constantly amazed at how much more enjoyable live shows are if the performers are sharing a little or, in this case, a lot of their excitement and energy for their music. There wasn't a single song where I was left wanting more. They put their all into the entire set. I was not intending to review that show but I felt I needed to get you guys excited for their up coming tour. I will be catching them again in Philly next week and it is highly advised you see them if and when they come to your area. Just be sure to leave your inhibitions at the door cause they are going to rock your socks off!

To get a little taste of their live show...

The White Rabbits

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