Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing For A Change: There's More To Love

A little while back I featured a video of an international "cover" of Stand By Me. Well, it turns out it is just one track of many featured on Playing For Change a recently released two disc CD/DVD. The project started in 2005 and has gone all around the world recording various musicians singing the selected tracks. Then the recordings are interwoven to create collaborative covers that really demonstrate that music is really a universal language. Starbucks [a company that has totally restructured itself in the last six months from world devouring coffee conglom to refocus on localized services and higher standards of service] has been promoting the CD at it's POS and the Playing For Change team is continually working on new tracks and posting new video.

I am so beyond envious of these guys. I would love the chance to travel the world recording music. But until that check from winning the dutch lottery I keep getting emails about arrives I will have to make due with being the person who brings this good work to you.

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