Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama, I've Got You Covered

My mother is the person responsible for instilling in me a passion for three of life's greatest things politics, books and music. She's the one who always made sure Dire Strait's Money For Nothing was playing every time we drove Glacier's Going to The Sun Road. The one who expected me to know who played lead and who took vocals on all the Beatles tracks. The main supporter of my decision to feature the Fixin To Die Rag in my report on songs of protest in seventh grade. She came to my music listening competitions and has kept me on my toes with new music discoveries over the years. There have been times when music was the only way she and I could communicate. She sent me on the road to Philly (a move she referred to as "something I was doing to her") with a mix CD series that broke my heart, made me laugh but let me know that, despite her inability to say so, she was proud of my independence. So, it is only natural that today I would honor her with a playlist that I know will speak volumes without me having to tell her much more than I wish I were on the deck with you at the lake right now.•I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Damien Rice
•Tracks Of My Tears> Cupid > People Get Ready

Gavin DeGraw
•Into the Mystic
Tres Tangled Truckers (Jason Isbell, Caitlan Cary, Kevn Kinney, Dave Bartholomew)
•Mamma Mia

Miniature Tigers
•Beast Of Burden & Sweet Jane
The Kooks
•Always On My Mind
Ryan Adams
•These Days

Gregg Allman
•Tonight You Belong To Me

The Bird & The Bee

**I love you most**

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evan said...

man. nice post. so much love. that's so good to see [read].