Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ra Ra Remix Rehash

This edition of remix rehash is a mixed bag of soul, pop, electro and awesome. A lot of heat was put on my in box this week and there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to sort through it all. I leave such insanity to my fellow manic dedicated efficient bloggers. However, there were a few that really grabbed my ear.

Gypsy Woman (mike Genius remix)
My current roommate and I are about to part ways and this track reminds we of him a little glammy a little old school a lot of fun. So it is for him I put this out there.

Little Secrets (Pepepe Remix)
There are a gajillion and one Passion Pit remixes out there right now. Some are pretty fantastic and deserve you seeking them out. I like this one because it tosses a little nod to Passion Pit's first EP while still putting a wicked edge on their new track.

Hooligans (Don Diablo's Drive By Disco Mix)
This has a little bit of a eighties pop punchyness to it. Another grand roll with Don Diablo

Make It Funky

This mix hit me so right this week. Coming to me courtesy of Cubik Musik it scratched a soul funk itch that was nagging me all week. I have had this on regular replay all week and has been instrumental in averting some crazy making melt downs.

Dance Dance Dance (Buraka Som Sistema remix)
I really can't tell you how very very much I like this remix. It continues to find me at the absolutely best moments. Load it on your shuffle and let it speak to you as well!

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cubikmusik said...

nice one!
thanks for reminding me about this tune. added it to the set for today.