Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Sunday Soundtrack

Its raining for the fourth day in a row here in Philly. I'm more than ready for the high temps of last week to return. Alas, I have very little control over that so I thought I'd use the inside time (and feed the procrastination beast) to share some of the highly enjoyable new music I've been listening to lately.

Created From Silence
This group from Scotland was assembled via Myspace Ad in 2008 and in the short time since has carved out a rock/pop sound with a hint of country. The presence of an organ in their work contributes nicely to separating them from similar acts. The track Strong, in particular, is well written and tightly performed. With a little more time and group experience I think the fella's of Created From Silence could push themselves towards an even more distinct sound.

Melanie Fiona
Ms. Fiona delivered the touch of soul and Motown I found myself craving earlier this week. She has crafted her first album The Bridge (due out this summer) from a wholly listenable mix of soul, hip hop and Motown both new and old. She more than suggests a more international (not surprising considering her Guyanese parents raised her in the melting pot that is Toronto) Lauryn Hill or Jill Scott. I am really excited to see what she will be bringing to the scene as her album begins making its rounds. This video of her riffing is an excellent intro to her style and ability. Her first single Give It To Me Right is available now.

Melanie Fiona Give It To Me Right with Human Orchestra

Rosie & Me
This act hails from Brazil (I am just now realizing this post is almost entirely foreign, which is pretty awesome) and draws a lot of inspiration from Stars and The Weepies. The guitars carry sweet harmonies giving voice to simple lyrics. Its not a complex arrangement but it doesn't need to be.

Come Back
The Big Fight

Ten & Six
Ten and Six is what happens when a college band doesn't give up they just get better. Having apparently gone through a number of "phases" along the way lead singer Even Moran has managed to take the best of each and built a comfortable mix of folk, bluegrass and rock. The years of development are noticeable in the intricate instrumentals, the drip drop of the glockenspiel on Bedside Regiments for example. He doesn't force his voice instead their is a true balance between all the contributing factors on the recently released self titled EP. Its a consistent and intelligent effort hinting of even more promising work in the future.

Antique Heart

Update: Ten and Six want you to know you can download the album for free or buy a CD here

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Thanks for your thoughtful review of our EP! Anyone can download it free or buy a CD for $5, here:

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