Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In the Kitchen With Kathryn Ostenberg

I have spent a lot of time in kitchens. It would be safe to say I work out most of my issues while mixing up something tasty (hopefully) and grooving along with the most appropriate mix for the matters at hand. If its been a good "session" the outcome looks a little like this >

Kathryn Ostenberg singer/songwriter just starting out in LA whose best work comes from her kitchen recording sessions. Her offerings take this form:
Now, I get a lot of singer/songwriter's demos and while I have nothing but respect for their dedication to their dream there are only few I think may have something distinct to offer to the muddled s/s fight. When I first watched a Youtube video of one of her college era performances there was a raspy charm to her vocals. She didn't lapse into a baby-like coo when trying to be sweet nor force her range into Susan Tedeschi mode in an attempt to grab attention. Instead, she has taken what comes naturally and begun to really explore its potential.

Kathryn's talent is still fresh but she is digging into every opportunity she can find to play and play in LA's music scene. Joining forces with fellow artists when the opportunity arises and seeing where they take her while still refining her solo work. You can find her gigging around town at venues such at Room 5 and Genghis Cohen and I would encourage you to catch her while you can. She's currently in the process of organizing a non-kitchen recording session and I can't wait to hear what comes about. But I will always have a fondness for her kitchen work.

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