Saturday, January 24, 2009

Huddled Penguins In The Presence Of Greatness

Last week I saw one of the best shows I have seen in the last few years: Frightened Rabbit at Johnny Brenda’s. Yes, I admit to a well-developed infatuation with these gentlemen from Scotland. However, that night it was fairly clear that the admiration was mutual as they put on a show that let the crowd (who braved the chilly Philly temps to see them play) know that the really appreciate them as well. Before I get into the review of the show I must comment on the factors that made it more than just a fantastic concert but an incredible experience. First, the tickets were affordable, the venue small and FR’s sound was clear and balanced. Second, they set up quickly and at a decent time (1145) not pulling any headliner diva bull shit making it clear they had respect for the waiting audience. Finally, they actually listened to their opening acts from the crowd. They are still new enough that they can pull that off without too many people noticing or bothering them. I, of course, twitterpatted a spot when I recognized all four fellas standing around me taking in the openers. And, no I didn’t talk to them. Possibly a missed opportunity but I don’t like talking over live music especially when its good and I didn’t really know what to say with such a stunted moment. I can report they were gracious to the few folks who gushed over them once they recognized who they were (usually after hearing them speak). I still think it was pretty fab to simply have shared a moment when we were all just listening to music together.

But, folks the performer audience dynamic that followed was one of those I will not soon forget.

At the outset Scott (the lead singer) mentioned they weren't accustomed to sold out audiences and they would do their best to repay our attendance. As with the show I saw last fall their stage presence was very natural and there timing and rhythm incredibly tight. As they worked their way through the majority of their published tracks -- The Twist, Old Old Fashioned, Good Arms vs Bad Arms-- there was no sense of boredom or routine. They rocked the entire time, genuinely and with true fun.
I was totally delighted to hear them play Backwards Walk amongst the rest. Its one of my favorite songs and they gave a bit pared down spin. Playing up the guitar to match the hollowness of the organ without diminishing it. It was exceptional. The fellas even threw in a few of their older unreleased bits and while its obvious they have grown a lot its was nice to see them playing around with their set list. After an hour of rollicking good fun they left gradually left the stage one by one leaving the drummer (Billy I believe his name is) to take them out with a bang. Had it ended their I would have been plenty pleased but the crowd wasn't about to let them leave without an encore.

Scott came back on stage alone, guitar in hand, and played a solo version of Poke. Standing in front of the amps and mics it was a breath takingly gorgeous rendition. So simple yet filled with the emotion the lyrics convey. Its rare to have such an intimate moment at a rock show but is perhaps one of the reasons I like FR so much, they're emotional while still managing to be fun and catchy. I cannot wait for their next stop in town and to hear what they will have to offer on their next release.

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Anonymous said...

That's really cool that the band checked out the opening band, that's not something you see, no matter how new the band is.

I've yet to see them live, but they are going to appear on Rockville, CA ( which will have two live performances from all the bands listed available for streaming. You can also sign up for the email list, to find out when the videos will be up.