Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little snack to tide you over...

So many changes in the last two weeks! Briefly, I quit my job on New Years and after spending a month tying everything up as of Monday of this week I am now a partner in creative consulting agency. This means I have a lot more flexibility in my schedule and will be posting more often as blogging is a bigger part of my job. But I need a few more days to work on my next post. Until then I thought I would tide you over with a few covers I have harvested lately. Enjoy, and check back this weekend to find out what tunes I have been doing the happy self employed dance to all over my house.

Cool It Now - Robbers on High Street
From the newishly released compilation Guilt By Association vol 2. This series is released by Engine Room Records who assembles a interesting mix of artists and tracks. Well worth checking out. Vol 1 was good vol 2 is better. This particular track soothes and adds a touch of a hipster vibe.

If You Leave - Rafter
Another track from GBA vol 2. I love this song in it original form and Rafter's take is can interesting spin.

Baby Love - Kate Nash
A live cut of Ms. Nash taking on the Supremes. A bold move yes, but she delivers it playfully with a tinge of curiosity that I couldn't help but like.

Build Me Up - Rhymefest
My affinity for Build Me Up stems directly from it being the perfect top of the lungs sing along tunes. I fully appreciate Rhymefest's version. An old fave from a whole new perspective.

I Wanna Sex You Up - Charlie Ash
From the Buffetlibre project, one of the most delicious and ambitious cover projects I have encountered. Serious cover addicts should take some time to check out the songs chosen by today's up and coming acts to cover/remix in their own vein. This one is just strange but in a good way.

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Kennedy said...

I was just watching the video for Cool It Now Sunday night! That cover is rad.