Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There is more than one way to love (and sing a song)

In the third installment of the TWIAPC's week of <3 stylings of others.

Faith - The Boy Least Likely To
George Micheal's video for the original was sooooo cool to my little mind when I was younger. The song isn't half bad either. TBLLT is best known for their indie scene anthem Be Gentle With Me and their twee/bluegrass twist really adds an unexpected touch.

How Deep Is Your Love- The Bird & The Bee
I can go hot and cold on this group. Some of their original stuff can get a little cloying to me but they will forever have a soft spot in my cover loving heart because of this Bee Gee's resurrection. The brothers Gibb are too often overlooked for their contribution to music, always being shoved off into the disco category. How Deep Is Your Love eats up The Bird & The Bee's low-fi approach. Very well done.

Bring It On Home To Me - Spoon
This Sam Cooke track has been done and done again. Yet, they all seem to blur together. Except, that is, for this Spoon edition. They run it through an indie group session feel and the hollow vocals and spare percussion strip the classic soul song down and present it all anew.

Run- Leona Lewis
Ms Lewis has herself some pipes and knows how to work them. On this retake of the Snow Patrol song Run she pushes it a little further. The result is an epic love song crying out for a CW drama soundtrack

Real Love - Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor tends to illicit mixed reviews but love her or hate her this cover of John Lennon's Real Love is, very simply, beautiful. I think John would surely approve.

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