Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ace & Gary Salute You

A quick post for my sister's birthday. Kind of a random assortment of songs that at some point have been danced to, sung at the top of our lungs or included in mix tapes. So, to my dearest HB, Happy Birthday!

So Right, So Wrong - Linda Ronstadt
Montana Summer of 1992...castanets, dollar bill origami
Standing Outside The Fire- Garth Brooks
Top of the lungs
Dancing Queen- Abba
Full choreographic MASTERPIECE
My Girl - Temptations
"talent show" brilliance
You Got The Right Stuff- NKTOB
Joan's stage ahem, porch

1 comment:

Merrell said...

'my girl' is by the temptations.. just fyi - such a classic though :-)