Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Other Side Of Love

A little twitterpation can be a very inspiring thing as demonstrated by the scads of songs, poems, books, haikus, plays etc that have been written in celebration of that twinge of attraction. The only subject that can give it a run for its money is the heart wrenching pain caused by love's dimise. Whether it is amicable, messy, "just a break," overdue or way too soon the end of an affair has produced a comparable number and variety of art. Of course, no love themed week would be complete without a little slice of the sour side of amore.

No Children - The Mountain Goats
I saw the MG's in concert this fall (review) and when this song came around it was delivered with such sincere reflective anger it was clear this was written from a dark place where the only light was sarcasm.

Collide - Howie Day
This is a song I associate with break ups 'cause, well, it was on a friend gave me after I went through one. The song itself isn't too sad or angsty its just sweet.

No Future Together - Yarn
The honesty on display in this song is a level of straight forwardness I respect. Sometimes you just gotta call it instead of wasting anymore time putting up with subpar treatment. Yarn is a fantastic bluegrass group out of Brooklyn, of course. They are really fresh and therefore hard to catch live because they don't tour widely...yet. They play a lot of smaller venues and from the sound of the recorded stuff seem like they would make for a good live show.

You're No God - Laura Marling
There is a moment in some relationships when you know things are coming to an end sooner rather than later when you sense that they feel they are doing you a favor by not breaking up with you. Personally I find the statement "I just don't want to hurt you" the biggest crock of shit. Hurt is going to happen. Its part of rolling the relationship dice. They should really say "I don't want to feel guilty for ending this," and assume the person is strong enough to move on. Whew, ok vent is over. Laura Marking is another songwriter who has a knack for honesty and this song is one of my favorites.

Bitter Radio Single - Hospital Ships
Speaking of honesty... LOVE IT!!!

Chin Up Cheer Up - Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams has released a ridiculous amount of music. From his solo work to Whiskeytown to his stuff with the Cardinals he has covered pretty much every possible relationship angel. A bluish tinge is cast on most of his work but when hes going the rose colored glasses route he does it well. This song is that little bit of encouragement sometimes necessary post break up. Strangely well timed news grab... Ryan Adams is engaged to Mandy Moore. Interesting eh?

Stand Back Up - Sugarland
There is no way this list would even approach complete without a little country music recognition. If ever there were a genre that has taken the break up song and created a truly refined art its the ladies and gentlemen of country music. It made it difficult to choose one so I decided to grab Nashville's version of I Will Survive. Sugarland emotes the sad side and the hopeful side of the break up song. Another good one for those mixes created to soothe a recently broken heart.

If these don't cover enough of the breakup bases for you...

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