Friday, February 27, 2009

Jason Isbell just keeps getting better

I have had a true appreciation for the musical stylings of Jason Isbell ever since I first heard The Drive By Truckers (Outfit in partic). When he left the group to travel the solo road I was curious to hear what kind of sound he would own. I was beyond delighted when the first album turned out as well as it did and the delight, I'm happy to report, has only increased with the release of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. The album pushes the sweetness of Isbell's distinct bluesy/alt country voice. Sweetness is a word I use with caution for it can imply a degree of saccharine not at all appropriate in this case. Jason Isbell's "sweetness" is a raspy, sincere delivery of beautifully written lyrics in the tradition of country ballads and bluesy heartaches. I could really wax poetic on the quality of the 400 Unit's contribution or the tightly crafted production of the album as a whole but when it comes to story telling this good its best to let it do the talking...

The Last Song That I Write For You
The Blue
No Choice In The Matter

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