Saturday, January 2, 2010

Start 2010 Off Right, Check Out Some Fantastic Live Music

Well, its a whole new year. In fact, its an entirely new decade. Lots to look forward to as TWIAPC rounds the one year mark; more music to share, interviews to do, horizons to expand and shows to see. Taking a gander at the concerts on the docket at Philly's venues for January leaves me optimistic at the many more that are to follow. You can find a whole bunch of Jan gigs on the TWIAPC calendar but there are a few I wanted to bring to your attention...

Rural Alberta Advantage (January 6th Kung Fu Necktie)
If you aren't already onto the path of Rural Alberta Advantage make them one of your New Years resolution. Effortlessly enjoyable indie-punkish-pop that will make a venture out of the house on a wednesday in winter well worth it.

Locksley (Month long residency at the M Room. Every Wednesday night) Just your standard "doo-wop punk" band these fellas are holding down a month long residency at M Room with a rotating cast of openers. They will be gathering a lot of attention this year so I'd say get (a lot of) them while you can.

River City Extension (January 14th North Star Bar)
River City Extension is one of my favorite local live acts. They give you plenty to watch and way more to listen to and all of it is incredibly enjoyable. On the North Star stage this will be a great show. Plus they're opening for the strangely fascinating Swedish band Movits.

We Are Scientists + Uninhabitable Mansions (January 20th Johnny Brenda's)
The boys of WAS are touting this as a show dedicated to rolling out new material from their forthcoming album. We're lucky to a stop on this mini album taster tour and it will definitely satisfy fans and newbies alike. Uninhabitable Mansions are the most perfectest group to get this show started.

Ape School + Savoir Adore + New Motels (January 21 Kung Fu Necktie)
This local-ish line up ( Sav Adore is from Brooklyn) is chalk full of promise and a whole lotta talent. Ape School brings good spirited indie psych rock, Sav Adore throws in a touch of synth-loving pop and New Motels contribute a surf rock flavor. This show will leave your ears totally satiated.  

Fyfe Dangerfield (of the Guillemots) (January 25th World Cafe Live)
Better known as a member of Guillemots, one of my favs, Fyfe is releasing a solo effort this year and doing this little tour thang to support Fly Yellow Moon. It is an excellent endeavor and will surely be a fantastic show.

Freelance Whales (January 22nd Kung Fu Necktie)
Much hyped and for good cause. Freelance Whales are good. Real good. They're quickly ascending the indie rock totem pole and catching them at KFN will allow you to witness them in all their glory in the smallish surrounds. Don't miss this show!

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Elise said...

Hi, Emma, I'm a new reader, but enjoying catching up!

Really digging Locksley, and might check them out while they're at one of my favorite places to play, in the city.

Thanks for covering local bands!