Sunday, January 10, 2010

New To Know: Galapaghost + Let's Say We Did + Good Shoes


The ukulele has been popping up in indie music with increasing frequency in the last year or so. Usually the tool of twee-ish cutie crooners wanting to up the plucky appeal of their songs. Galapaghost, the brainchild of Casey Chandler, is ukulele centric but more assertive than we're accustomed to hearing. Don't get me wrong, this is far from thrasher ukulele. The lyrics are sigh inducing and the arrangements plod along with just the right amount of quirk. Throughout Our Lost Generation Chandler's voice is the factor that keeps Galapaghost away from sticky sweet territory. While in the higher ranges for a few measures he flexes some range which keeps the music grounded. You're All I Need is prime fodder for a mixtape for your crush while Lost Generation may very well find itself in a sitcom montage. Great weekend listening for you.
You're All I Need

Lets Say We Did

Let's Say We Did are definitely coming from rock and roll roots, mostly of the mid-seventies variety. On their new EP the Swedish group brings the clean lines characteristic of their retro inspiration into the now by fuzzing out the high end and pushing their bass to the front. This isn't complicated music making and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I find it most enjoyable. Follow Me Down has enough going on instrumentally to make multiple listens reveal a little something new each time while the lyrics are simple enough to get caught in your head. Its a good start for this Swedish group and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.
Follow Me Down

Good Shoes

These boys gots lots of energy. The music that makes up their new release No Hope, No Future has the aggressive percussion and jangly guitars essential for good dancing music. Exploring the boundaries of a distinctly indie punk tradition Good Shoes dabbles in the disco realm on Under Control and slows things down to indie pop ballad range for City By The Sea. The arrangement on City By The Sea is deceptively delicate, the product of a group applying an impressive degree of intention to their work. Each track has something to offer and when listened to (and considered) as a whole further depths are revealed. I will admit I am fully addicted to this album and really hope a trip to the US is in store because the live show has got to be incredible.
Under Control

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orange said...

hi there! nice post and I totally agree with you on Galapaghost. He makes really good music. I liked his music too and did a post on my own a short while ago:
I really hope for him, that he gets a bit more blog love soon. Thanks for the artice and have a great day.