Monday, January 4, 2010

Remix Rehash: E-Six + Mikey Mic + Skinny Freidman + Tom Ato + Dirty Disco + Database

Haven't posted a remix rehash in a while but I figured it was the best way to ease us all back into the work week after the long holiday weekend. This one has a lot of layers suit your needs, from chair dance party to "one hour to go" amp up, doownload and get back to work!

Skinny Friedman, one half of local dj duo Philadelphyinze, gives a subtle tweak to this XX track. Its smooth with just a skotch more bump to amp the sex appeal. Wonderfully complementary to the original track.   
Stars (Skinny Friedman Edit)

E-Six (The Crossfader King) has some skills that unfailingly leave me with remixes that are smile inducing and perfect for ripping me from the clutches of a bad mood. This is my new favorite iPod head bopper. I threw in the equally fantastic (but def. more serious) Won't Go Quietly mix for good measure.
My Boy Lollypop (E-Six Remix)
Won't Go Quietly (E-Six Dub remix)

Tom Ato's work came to me via Music Ninja's year end smorgasbord. He slaps a synth rich disco feel onto the Band Of Horses tune. Pushing the measured plodding of the base track to much more danceable levels Ato gives new life to the indie dirge.
The Funeral (Band Of Tomatoes Remix)

Dirty Disco has the music for you to crank when making a getaway. This spin has thread hollowness that definitely reminds me of the potential to feel alone on the dance floor. Yet the rest of his machinations swell up to suck you into the comfort of the trance-ish beat.
Loud & Clear (The Dirty Disco Remix)

Database , a Brazilian tag team, take this Savoir Adore track and add just enough digital pep to make it even more addictive. Their additions create a new propulsion the pops and whirs in time to the vocals. 
MERP (Database Remix)

 is a Swedish dj who, in a rather bold move, has chosen to tackle Marvin Gaye' s Ain't No Mountain High Enough. While the original is far too deep in my heart to lose preferred status this is an interesting new approach to the R&B classic.  Lets call it a thinking piece.
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Mikey Mic Remix)

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