Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joining The Orbit To Leslie

A chat with Chris Wood is a whirl wind tour of his musical career; first, his gig as drummer for Downtown Harvest; then, the spacey trip-hop side project Grimace Federation; finally, to his main focus right now Orbit To Leslie. Taking on a new role as frontman Wood has high expectations for Orbit, as well he should. The five piece first began a few years ago when Wood returned to Philly after a stint in LA and wanted a few fresh faces for some jam sessions. He called on a childhood friend, some other well respected local players slapped on a phrase he once saw on an organ effect button and Orbit To Leslie was born. What has come of those jam sessions and a grip of well received gigs is a well rounded and worldly dream rock group. Defined by intriguing percussions and steady vocals the band just released The World Was Saved With Chocolate Cake. The album, initially intended to be an EP, is a direct reflection of the fella's assorted styles. Dipping into a few different pools of influence from afro-pop to echoey garage rock it plays well as a whole with some weaker spots but tracks like Chocolate Cake shine bright enough to pull the weight. The further refinement of their sound that is sure to come from supporting this record will only push Orbit To Leslie closer to their full potential.

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