Sunday, January 24, 2010

Savoir Adore + Circadian Rhythms At Kung Fu Necktie

Savoir Adore & Circadian Rhythms took the stage at Kung Fu Necktie this week to mark and early start to my weekend. Circadian Rhythms has been on my list for some time now so I was pleased to finally be able to catch them. Unfortunately, their set left me a little underwhelmed. While I definitely heard the potential for greater things down the road they are still in need of a little refinement. Each song dabbled in a new genre from blues tinged alt country to psych pop and each had its strengths - a brave approach to percussive rhythms that would really shine if played with a little more confidence, for example; however, there lack a cohesiveness that suggests a sense of direction. Their instrumentals were complex and well thought out which made heavy leaning on Beach Boys phrasing and Ary Barroso's Brazil a little disappointing. CR certainly has the musical ability to create something distinct but they need to sit down and decide what that "sound" should be then build their music around that. With a little more focus and work I can see Circadian Rhythms really carving out their spot but right now they are in need of some tightening

Savoir Adore, a band that has received much love from TWIAPC, took the stage next and put on what was probably the best show I've seen them do. Playing songs primarily from their fall release In The Wooded Forest, they won over the crowd and pulled folks in from the bar. Sav Adore's fronters Paul & Deirdre have undeniable sonic chemistry. Her smokey vocals play well with his plaintive indie tuned croon, providing an allure to their pairing that is particularly noticeable in the live show. Their orchestral pop sound is built of deliberately placed synth effects and tight instrumentals. Hearing it live really makes the arrangements pop and the playfulness of the group's stage presence adds a true sheen to the full package. In the previous shows I've seen their only stumble was the flow of their set choices. On Thursday night each song melded well with the next and by the time they reached their final song, an extended version of Bodies, it seemed as if they had just begun. They're going to be out on the road quite a bit in the next few months please do make an effort to see them. Both live and recorded they are a superb use of your hard earned dollar.

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