Friday, October 16, 2009

Remix Rehash: Pretty Girls & Lasers + Darklord + DJ Chachi

Summer got a little bow of the head earlier this week with less than October temps in the 70s. It coincided with the delivery of this full on party mix provided by the boys of Pretty Girls & Lasers.

Next up...
This one is definitely thinking mans electro. Mixed by Darklord and produced by Shawn Ryan its the kind of jam I'd use if I were doing a haunted house. Perfect for a mellow, and a little spooky, fall night.

Finally, to keep you moving (ie warm) for the first few really chilly fall days I give you two by NY's DJ Chachi. Whether you need some jams while you prep for a night out or you're hosting the party at your place drop these in the mix and enjoy! If you're really feeling ambitious take a gander at his schedule and get the mix live.

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