Thursday, October 29, 2009

At The Hop With White Rabbits

TWIAPC: I wasn't surprised to read that your work is influenced by classic ska bands like The Specials, there is strong evidence on that in your sound (in particular in your syncopation). Where else do you draw your inspiration from?

Mostly life. But, musically we are all over the place. We definitely don't want to be a rock band that just regurgitates rock music. There's no challenge in that...but a lot more money. We try to mix things up enough so you don't really know where it came from and you can just listen to the music, or at least listen. That is always the goal. But, you know how people are.

TWIAPC: The Physicality of your live show is astounding. Did that come about organically or did you develop the groups stage presence intentionally?

Thank you. There is nothing premeditated about our show. That is how we paly music and if you go to enough shows you can see that. But, on a personal level, I can't stand bands that just stand there and expect that to be enough. Or have [when they] have costumes and no songs.  

TWIAPC: Considering White Rabbits first formed in Missouri how do you feel about being classified as a "Brooklyn Band?"

If it makes people sleep better than I'm fine with it. I really don't care where a band is from as long as they're good. Especially since we spend so much time on the road [we] rarely have time to see local bands or identify with being just a "Brooklyn Band."

TWIAPC: I've heard you guys do some pretty impressive covers. Are there any groups or albums you'd like to tackle that you haven't already?

We have just started covering "Sheila" by Atlas Sound. We learned it right before the tour and have been playing is almost every night. We all think Bradford Cox is a really great songwriter and Logos is a really great album.

TWIAPC: It seems you've been all ove promoting It's Frightening, have there been any surprising audience or favorite new venues?

The Bottletree in Birmingham, AL is top notch. As far as audiences Denver is never short of Energy and we love them for it. 

TWIAPC: Have you already started formulating a plan for the next album or, is it time for the ubiquitous side project/break? 

Not quite; but, we're always working all the time so you never know. 

The White Rabbits are on the road and as a three show veteran I simply insist you hunt for the opportunity to see them.

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