Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New To Know: So Many Dynamos + Backwords + Sunny Day In Glasgow

So Many Dynamos
This Missouri foursome is addictive. Their music goes deep; catchy at first listen, witty and alluring on the second go 'round and finally, as you listen to it even a little more closely you note the complex proficiency. Its is a pop-punk influenced by the mechanized beat of video game soundtracks. Their bio aptly calls them spaztic but with the amount of attention they give to creating chord changes that catch you off guard and phrasing that separates them chaos to what I would call intentional spaziness. Give them a listen. I'm sure you'll find something that will hook ya. They are also on the road (mostly east- including a CMJ stop on the 22nd) and you know you wanna see this live.
New Bones
The best way I can describe Backwords music is to say they mosey. They mosey through western, lo-fi, folk, pop sound to create a easy on the ears & light on the soul. They skitter on the edge of any single definition while avoiding getting too caught up in the traditions of any one genre. For many groups this would mean a jumble of musical ideas landing all of the place. Backwords, however, manage to pull in these assorted inspirations to create a consistent sound fancied up with truly enjoyable lyrics worked in there. Now that this Philly/Brooklyn based group has a firm grip on their sound I look forward to seeing how/if they push it in new directions.
The Beggars And The Bread
Sunny Day In Glasgow
This Philly band's shoegaze music washes over, under and around you. Ethereal and sweet they evade any abrupt or disjointed musical transitions. Instead layering airy loose guitars & synths with fantastic dreamy lyrics. SDIG makes the kind of tunes I'd listen to while studying, were I still in school. Alas I am not in school but still really love these guys. They have a rotating list of band members some appearing on both record and live while others simply show when they can. Still, they manage to convey their intricate arrangements whether there are 4 or 8 people involved. I consider them a stellar example of the variety of incredible music coming out of Philly these days. They are about to adventure around the East and midwest ending up home at Johnny Brenda's on December 15th.
Ashes Grammer/Ashes Math

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