Friday, October 16, 2009

Housekeeping: Weathervane Music Fund Raiser + Learning Music + NPR and so much more

Its been a productive, albeit ADD, day for me today. In all the hubub a few notions, news bits & links have risen to the top of my consciousness and I wanted to share'em with you.

Weathervane Music Project, a fantastic Philly venture aimed at building and supporting the local music community is having a fund raiser on Nov. 12 at Johnny Brenda's. BC Camplight, Danielson, East Hundred and Sunset will all be performing. Get your ticket here or simply donate to Weathervane's Kickstarter campaign.

Learning Music Series October edition is quite possibly my favorite to date. The Johnny Pride Story has a great backstory and includes rerecordings of his work as well as new conceptualizations. Its most definitely worth your ears and effort. Famous is the single but the full download is amazing!

Also, I would like to use TWIAPC platform to encourage you all to support your local or preferred public radio station. I have been lucky enough to live in cities with incredible public radion, both news and music and membership was one of my first post college "grown up" investments. Thanks to web streaming even if you're local station isn't your fav you can listen to broadcasts from other markets. They really need whatever you can offer to continue to bring you quality content without the influence of commercial investors. The public radio media model has long inspired me to seek (and create) out real news and music coverage. These are the stations I currently support
Twin Cities: KNOW The Current
But there are many many other fantastic stations out there. Find your local broadcast here.

Hey look I have a new logo (which will be fully incorporated in the new layout debuting soon) thanks to the marvelous Daniel Gauthier  and...

I finally got around to creating a facebook page for TWIAPC where I'll be sneaking in lazy lady posts every once in a while as well as some other random surprises. Check it out and become a fan... Facebook page

Last morsel to make you smile... Pattern Is Movement's cover of Crazy In Love.

Now I'm donzies. Ciao

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