Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mark Mallman @ The M Room

Mark Mallman is an amazing entertainer. This is a truth I've known for years but was driven home last week during his show at the M Room. Despite some factors that would have frustrated any other performer [horrid openers who did very little to build the audience, a work night show and incredibly weak attendance] Mark put on a show as if he were performing in front of a mass of adoring fans who were rocking out to his addictive beats.

This time around Mallman brought a drummer, his sturdy keys, his own light show and some snappy white jackets. Taking the stage late he launched immediately into a mix old and new material. His stage presence is as dynamic as his music, throughout his set he mounted his keyboard now fewer than 10 times. While doing his most recent single You're Never Alone In New York he took this position to sing down high his ode to the city that never sleep.

When listening to his music it is undeniably high energy but when you experience the live delivery the energy is visceral. This is entirely intentional. Mallman has mastered the elements that pull all of his strengths together; the feisty conquering of the stage, lights that accentuate his mania and the incredibly taut drum accompaniment. To top it off he played Knockout On 22nd at my request. The his set could have only been better if he hadn't kept it short to please the tired sound guy. He mentioned he will be back this way before the end of the year and, seriously people, do NOT miss it.

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