Friday, April 17, 2009

On its ear

Its been a mixed up kinda week here in Philly and in one of those weird twists of coincidence a number of fantastic, or at least interesting remixes have crossed my path. There's no rhyme or reason to this assortment other than quality. These are all tracks assembled, crafted, shaped (whatever word you prefer) by people who have an ear for detail and a gift for weaving them together. I have nothing but awe and appreciation for their ability to make you respect the potential of reconsidering beats, werds + technology.

Help I'm Alive (the Twelves remix) via RCRDLBL
Smooth and easy on the ears this has been my head bob anthem of the week. The steady plod serving as a metronome for working through my lengthy "to do" list.

Bright Nites mixed by Roan courtesy of Crossfader King
Roan, one half of Crossfader's Dance Party Magic act, is celebrating the release of this slew of fantastic tracks this weekend in Chicago. If I could I'd be there cause I can't imagine a better way to spend a night than with the Crossfader fellas providing the soundtrack. Undeniably danceable and distinctly intreguing its a great way to get the summer dance vibes goin.

I Think Were Alone Now (Dust Off and Dance remix)
The first of two retakes on classic pop songs. I was completely aged this week when I realized that kids these day's aren't familiar with the musical stylings of this 80's Pop princess. A clubtastic way to bring Tiffany to the next generation. Plus it looops the iPhone guitar ringtone
which made me smile.

For The Longest Time IAMXL bmore remix
And here's the second. I got this one from Ms. Sheenabeaston who put it best ...
"Holy sweatstains, Batman, I could jukewalk all the way to work to this."
Rewind Mixtape 2 BuffetLibre DJ's
Buffetlibre delivers again! Their second Rewind Mixtape was the chair dancing soundtrack of the week. And considering I work primarily from a coffee house it takes a fierce groove to push me past head nodding to full on chair dance. But this did and right quick too. There is some intense talent concentrated amongst this bunch and you're now lucky enough to appreciate it...

That all for now kiddos. Make sure to partonize your local record store tomorrow. If you want more frequent doses of the thoughts bustin around my head be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Look for my review of the William Fitzsimmon's show I caught last night to be posted this weekend...

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