Saturday, April 4, 2009


There has been an unexpected mad influx of demos and promos in my in-box over the last week. Even more unexpectedly there are some very solid offerings in the bunch. I am still working through all the emails and songs but these are three that have floated to the top early...


The guys of Lemonwilde are some of the nicest guys I've encountered in the self promo game that is a big part of music blogging so when I first listened to Red Room I was a little surprised at how heavy it was but I didn't let that stop me from hearing them out. The tracks are cohesive and the sound consistent this is the work of deep feeling song writers and smart instrumentalists. There are some interesting percussive tricks on Finding Jesus In The Math which counter's lead singer Joe's mellow pop vocals rather nicely. Of the songs offered on this EP I found myself drawn most to two in particular. Just This Ashtray (admittedly the title, from one of the greatest movie scenes from The Jerk, got me first) which hearkens back to some of the darker goth pop of the late nineties but smartened up. Inspired Painter is a montage worthy love gone wrong track that would be perfect for a CW melodrama. These guys have a firm grip on their sound and the EP shows that in spades. I'd like to see how the sound matures, perhaps consider polishing off a little of the moodiness in favor of flexing their talents on a wider ranger of sound. I'm guessing though they really sell when seen live, an opportunity I look forward to in the future.
Just This Ashtray
Inspired Painter

Logan Lynn

This guy is a tough one to peg. He says he's electro-pop but I feel as though that's too easy. The electronic leanings are more experimental than what I associate with that simplified classification. Yes, there is a heavy synth component but the way he loops it with his lyrics is more complicated than any handy label can adequately cover. There is almost a ballad element on many of the songs off of his album From Pillar To Post. He really plays with a hollow chambery sound on songs like Burning Your Glory which struck me as an alien love song that whizz, pops and buzzes to compliment the sweet lyrics. The strongest element of this album is he keeps you wanting to hear more without being repetitive or weighty. Feed Me To The Wolves has stuck in my head more than once since I first listened. Its tightly woven and builds then backs off then builds again and keeps driving towards the end. I really hope you give him a listen and put it on your calendar to buy From Pillar To Post when it drops this fall. [Don't worry I'll remind you] To tide you over Logan was kind enough to pass along these two tracks.
Feed Me To The Wolves
Burning Your Glory

*Image courtesy of Ray Gordon

Jasymn Burke

Jasmyn is still rocking a bit of a coffeehouse sound on these practice reels but I couldn't help but enjoy the earnest playfulness of her songs. A whole lot less twee then Moldy Peaches her lyrics are similarly simple and straight forward. Get her in a full production studio and I can see great things coming out of this lady's mouth.
Hungry Flowers

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