Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Multitasking Discovery

I had a moment of total brilliance today. For those of you who don't know me personally I should disclose I am pretty much running on all cylinders at all times. On top of doing TWIAPC I am also a partner in a consulting firm so I usually have an email I should be reading, a call to return, an article to write, a blog entry to get the idea. If I didn't love it all believe me I wouldn't do it. But I'm lucky enough to be one of the few people who gets to pursue the majority of my interests on some personal or professional level. Anyways, I am always looking for tricks and strategies to multitask without effecting the quality of the work. My iPhone and compulsive list making are the two main life and time savers I use. And as of this morning my shuffle will be added to that list. As I looked at the 30+tracks I have received in the last few days I was also loading up my shuffle for my daily run and it struck me; why not listen to the tracks I want to review while my attention is, for the most part, undisturbed. So I gave it a go and while I think it may take a little tweeking it just may be the secret to getting a little more done with my day. So here are a few quick tracks I pulled from the shuffle list.

This is a sweet respin of a Lykke Li tune that I already thoroughly enjoy. One of the few times great is made greater.
Dance Dance Dance Lykke Li remixed by Buraka Som Sistema

This remix really grabbed my ear when I first heard it a while back but when a friend sent it to me in response my love for the Dance Dance Dance remix I twittered yesterday I recalled my fondness for Britt's take on the song.
I Feel It All Feist remixed by Britt Daniels

The Avett Brothers relaunched their web site this week and started stirring the pot a bit hinting at what to expect on the album they are releasing in August. Then I got this snip of their show at SXSW this year. I really hope they put a version of this song on said album.
I & Love & You The Avett Brothers(live at SXSW09)

And finally, this is a beautiful cover of Kings Of Leon. BFL give it their haunting touch and in doing so give it a slightly shiftier feel. It never fails to amaze me how many ways one song can be interpreted. A successful attempt this is!
Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover) Bat For Lashes


MS-DOS said...

i do the exact same thing, i have a smart playlist that has anything added to itunes for the last 3 days. I can sit on my train to work and sort out the good from the bad with star ratings etc. its such a good way to keep only the songs you like in itunes and to find great new music aswell!

dion roy said...

The kings of leon cover is pretty freakin rad. when I get some time I have to re record another kings of leon song.

p.s. ms-dos I love your screen name. remember DR-DOS? MS-DOS's competition?!!?

Bob Loblaw said...

I decided I wanted to leave a couple of positive comments for a change on the Hypem-linked blogs, which are normally so atrocious. I really dug the Feist remix, so thank you. Diplo's version is great too, and Diplo rarely nails it to the cross, but he very occasionally does. That's always the conundrum: Is it worth it to download cruddy 10 songs to find just 1 decent track? Doesn't it depress the hell out of you that every last person on the Internet seems to be a drug-addled 11 year old (or with the intelligence of one)? Peace!