Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remix Rehash

There were some delicious remixes that came out of the in-box shake this week. Here they be for your head bopping enjoyment.

DTF(edit)- Terror Dactel
Subdrive made a huge announcement this week. They are starting their own open-source digital record label. This track from Terror Dactel is their first release and if this is the standard I look forward to hearing what else Subdrive pushes out. Read all about it here> Subdrive Media

Two Weeks of Hip Hop - Hood Internet
This tasty little gem comes from Chicago's Hood Internet. I keep finding myself hitting repeat like a coked up lab mouse hitting the feeder bar. Yeah, its that good.

Play That Shit Olli Ple Ft. McNasty -Right Handed Barber Mix
Given the endorsement of IAMXL I was biased from the get go. Its got a bit of jock jams reving that has earn it a spot on the iPod "kick your ass in gear" playlist.

Your English is Good (Tokyo Police Club remix) - K-Os
There are a lot of things that I like about this one. It is dynamic enough to intrigue, smart enough not to over do it and lyrically tight.

Little Miss Star - Forcefield Kids
Forcefield Kids are a Newcastle UK "leftfield/lo-fi UK hip-hop act" whose EP comes out on July 6th. There is a bit of The Streets in their delivery and I'm still undecided whether they'll crawl out from under that comparison but I an certain they deserve your listen.

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