Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm a rabid supporter of small local businesses. I was raised in an independent bookstore and have always patronized at the stand alone shops when its an option. I was really jazzed to see the small record stores are banding together to draw attention to their cause. April 18 independent shops all over the country will be hosting in store performances, sales and other crowd pleasing events to celebrate the contribution record stores have made to music.

The Record Stores that hold a sweet spot in my heart...
Rockin Rudy's -Missoula MT • Electric Fetus - Minneapolis MN • AKA Records - Philadelphia Fifth Element - Minneapolis MN •

The site has gathered quotes from artists about what record stores mean to them...

"Immersing yourself in the environment of a real record store where music is celebrated and cherished adds real value to the experience of buying music. In some ways, that retail experience is as important as the music."- John Mellencamp

"I've always enjoyed the record shops...they gave me a reason to leave my house."- Pete Yorn

"well it's pretty simple.....record stores have people in them. actual people. people working. people shopping. people listening. people eating. people dancing. people smoking. people laughing. people drinking. sounds pretty cool to me."- Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart)

“Record stores have a magic about them that’s totally unique. They are a place where you can come across music and culture that you’re not open to in any other way, often by accident. I love that hands-on experience of browsing and buying music, and so I wish the Record Store Day every success “- James Morrison

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