Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tax Break

I'm about to dive into my taxes which will undoubtedly be a depressing process but dems da breaks for consultants. The few things that are going to get me through: knowing that next year I'll hopefully get breaks as a small business owner (thanks Obama), the supply of bevies in the fridge, the fact that tomorrow the weekend unofficially begins with Metropolis at the Barbary followed with Pink Skull Friday at Transit and finally the playlist of new to me tunes I'll be listening to as I shuffle through all these papers, ugh. I thought I'd share a little of the action with those of you who may be taxing or simply in need of a mid week new music mix.

Bell X1 Saw them perform last fall and was a little disappointed but with the recent release of Blue Lights On The Runway I'd give them a second chance. Blow Ins is just one tracks off the album I'm enjoying.

Plushgun I have a soft spot for Plushgun. Not really sure why. Perhaps its their new wave danciness er their lyrics but I'm not in a questioning mood so just go with it... Dancing In A Minefield

The Weakerthans very similar to Death Cab with beautiful songwriting and simply rhythms. They never disappoint especially when I'm needing a spot of thinking music. Left & Leaving
is a superb song for reflecting.

Cursive Their new album Mama I'm Swollen is getting a lot of attention and for good reason, its really good. The folks at Saddle Creek have a true ear for talent. The rolling instrumentals on From The Hips drive the pace of the lyrics from shoegaze to full horn section rock out. I'm itching to catch these guys live.

Dinosaur Feathers A Brooklyn band that I came upon whose interesting hollow harmonies and unique percussion have kept them on frequent repeat lately. The song behind the title Teenage Whore isn't what you'd expect. Take a listen to it (and the rest of their stuff) and you'll know what I mean. Can't wait to see what these kids have coming round the pike.

Harlem Shakes Currently these guys are tearing it up in Austin and I wish I could be there to see the line up they've managed to put together all in anticipation of the release of Technicolor Health. Strictly Game is a taste of what that album will have to offer and I for one can't wait to see them in April when they role through Philly.

Ok, enough with the procrastinating time to get down to business.

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