Monday, August 31, 2009

Checking In With Drink Up Buttercup

While I was up in Brooklyn this weekend for After The Jump Fest I had the pleasure to chat with Philly's own Drink Up Buttercup. These four gents have come quite a way in the last few months, amassing their energy, talent, passion and dollah dollah bills to make a running leap into the wider world of indie music. Beyond increasing their number of shows this has mainly meant going into the studio to record their first album. According to Ben [bass, general chaos] there wasn't one way they went about trying to capture their unmistakable live sound, there were many ways. Depending on the song they adapted their recording style. At times parsing each member's contribution and laying them down separately at others all four of them piling into the studio together. Not surprisingly, James [guitar, vocals, ring leader] admitted, the exactness of the click track didn't really mesh with DUB's heavily improve nature. So, more often than not, they ended up scraping convention and tearing it up in the studio. Those tracks are now in the finishing stages before the public gets a little taste of what is to come with the release of their first single this fall.

Catching their gig this weekend the was, once again, a noticeable improvement of their delivery. For those of you who are unfamiliar with DUB's raucous shows, they make their music with garbage cans, tool boxes and an assortment of other odds and ends, as well as, the usual suspects (bass, guitar, drums). When there is that much involved there is a fairly good chance that what will come out is unformed, aimless noise. Not in the hands of these fellas though. Their outrageous energy is tamed by a clear vision of where they are taking their audience and shaped by adept musical skill across the board. Watching them over the last few months I have seen them become much more comfortable on stage which has served to fully round out their sound. Taking this show on the road will, no doubt, build up Drink Up Buttercup's following. Rippling out from their tight Philly base to claim members in each stop along the way.

Despite the growing momentum, and crazy tour schedule staring them down, they all remain relatively unphased by what is to come. They're winding down their day jobs, planning the video games arsenal to be packed and spending a little quality time with their Philly crew in preparation for the road. And, in a few weeks they will throw their garbage cans, beat up tool box, toys and the rest of their instruments into a van and head out for an indefinite tour of the east coast. And, while I'm sure they'll miss all that home has to offer and have to partake in some shmoozing that is counter to their antisocial ways it is clear the minor impediments are no threat to need they have to make their music.

Be sure to get yourself out to see them now while their playing the small venues that truly complement their offerings. It will be a night to remember.

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