Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remix Rehash: Mr Vega + Borracho + Don Diablo + RQM

There is a lot of goodness tucked into this Remix Rehash. A track to jam to while cruisin with your windows down, a little 80's sounding trancey synth

In need of a little workout music? then you should check out the offerings of Borracho. A Canadian duo dedicated to setting the perfect get your groove on dance party atmosphere. They know their way around pacing a mix so you just. keep. wanting. more.
100% Puerto Rico (Big Pun)- Borracho Remix

In honor of the group Little Man Tate's decision to hang up their hats Don Diablo offers up this remix of their song I Am Alive. Its a feel good bit you won't be able to resist hitting replay (over and over again). Clearly Mr Diablo has nothing but love for the guys on LMT.
I Am Alive (Little Man Tate) - Don Diablo Remix

This one comes from RQM's new EP. Fresh off the OMG! presses this will appeal to anyone who likes their electro to have a hint of 80's set to a nice synthy beat. Kindly offered up is this take of Barely Evil it should tug at ya enough to go check out the rest of RQM's offerings
Barely Evil - RQM Remix

And finally a little somethin somethin for your cruisin needs. Its a little bit playful and a lot a bit head boppin. Perfect to toss on when you just want to chill back and relax. Enjoy!
We Won't Break (Zoot Women)- Mr Vega

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Keith said...

Don Diablo has a golden touch what a mix...