Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksween SHUT DOWN!

Well I have officially hosted my first holiday and I think it safe to say it was a resounding success. More than just a day of being thankful it was more of a whole weekend celebration. My bff no J/k Samantha came down from Boston for five days. We kicked it off right Wednesday night straight from the train station we went to see my friend Jeremy's band Pink Skull play at the Barbary. I have seen them before and they are simply fan-fucking-tastic. The first time I saw them the crowd was weak and no body was dancing. Thankfully, Wednesday was a totally different story. Pink Skull plays what I would call spacey dance band eletronica. A strong percussion foundation (provided by Jeremy) is funked up by Julian Grefe's drum contribution. Grefe is a key figure in the Philly electronic music scene he has been the co-driving force behind Making Time a ginormous Philly dance party. He clearly has a gift for the dancable beat and his partner in crime Justin Geller (who does mixing and lights) makes it even tighter. Mike Hammel and Sam Murphy round out the act and provide the spacey guitar and bass elements. They are at their dancey best when they are just jamming and despite some lame dead weights in the middle of the dance floor Sam and I, joined by a fine bunch of my Philly friends danced like crazy people.Even after Pink Skull left the stage and the DJ stepped in the dancing continued. I can't imagine a better way to kick off Thanksween.

Thursday JT and Marley, two fine souls from my college days, rolled into town at 12 and Thanksween officially commenced. Because this is a blog aimed at the music that colors such times I am going to avoid going into too great of detail about what antics we got into. Instead I'll stick to the tunes that were discussed, played and obsessed over. Beyonce's Single Lady Video was the central talking point. If you haven't seen it watch it NOW!

She is beyond furce in this video. The choreography respects the dance hall beat and she looks hamazing bringing it to life. Jenny Lewis was also looped a few times. Her latest release takes the bluesy alt country sound of Rabbit Fur Coat to a new level. Its got soul its got beautiful harmonies and is varied anough to keep your ear interested through out. Instead of writing at length I will simply refer you to Billy's posting on our house blog Whats Rockin Watkins. Other albums that got play: Fleet Foxes Winter White Hymnal Frightened Rabbit The Midnight Organ Fight YeaSayer All Hour Symbals plus a ton of random tracks.

We worked off the day of lounging and eating with a night of Soul/R&B/Funk again at the Barbary. Sam and I, as we are prone to do, got our dance on with Melinda, Keegan, Matt, Ashley & Dan as well as some other excellent booty shakers. The DJ's were supurb playing a little of everything from Otis Redding to The Stones. I think it is beyond safe to say a good time was had by all.

Yesterday we kept it low key some good heads came over we ate, watched movies and played with aminal (I'm watching my friend's bunny Morris and cat CrabCakes who were the mascots of the festivities). On the whole I must say this was by far the best Thanksween ever and hopefully the beginning of a fine new tradition.

Pink Skull Get Inside (My Tiny Pyramids)
Beyonce Single Ladies
Jenny Lewis Sing A Song For Them
Otis Redding Try A Little Tenderness

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