Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Apathetic No More

I have long feared my generation would be remembered as the apathetic generation. But today as I biked past lines wrap around the block, saw "I Voted" stickers adorn the bags and chests of nearly everyone I passed and listened to reports of historically high voter turnout I have hope that we will be remembered for much greater things. Regardless of this evening's outcome I hope you remember what it was like to have participated in this sea change and don't loose faith in the value of your words, the power of your actions.

To complement yesterday's list of classic political songs here are some of today's voices not willing to let current events go unnoticed.

Nappy Roots Good Day
Green Day We Are The Waiting
Rustic Overtones Letter to The President
James William Roy Donuts & Bacon
Steve Earle Rich Mans War
John Mayer Waiting On The World To Change
The Flaming Lips Yeah Yeah Yeah
Ben Lee We're All In This Together
Twista Hope
Novel (ft. Talib Kweli, Ben Folds & Spredd Wilson) I Am

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