Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your Song

On the eve of what promises to be a truly historical Presidential election I am choosing to look back at political musical statements that have defined other historically monumental times. Musicians have often given voice, drawn attention and channeled power to people and events lacking the soapbox or eloquence to capture the essence of their struggle. Thanks to a life long awareness of political/social music, from gospel to Woodstock, provided by my mother it was tricky to choose which tracks to include in this post. Dylan was essential, of course, but I didn't want to travel the predictable road and I think the final playlist manages to cover some quality music history plot points.

It takes an exceptional degree of awareness, empathy and talent (not to mention serendipity) to create music that can inspire millions to act, or at least pause and reconsider their reality. And I will always respect, share and appreciate this music. I ask you to listen, think and ACT. You may not have what it takes to write the next great social anthem but you do have the power, the RIGHT to vote. Go out tomorrow and be part of history. Play your part and your song will be sung in the returns declaring Obama and hope the victors.

Jackson Browne I Am A Patriot
Allen Toussaint Yes We Can Can
Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changing
Sly & The Family Stone Stand!
Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin Come Together
Blind Boys of Alabama Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
John Mellencamp This Land Is Your Land
Matt Nathanson The Wind
Ben Jelen Talkin Bout A Revolution
Anthony David Whats Goin On

An interesting list

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mszumberge said...

Give Peace a Chance- Lennon/McCartney
Peace Train- Cat Stevens
What's Goin' On- Marvin Gaye
Fight the Power- Public Enemy